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We thank God that parishioners of @Steemchruch are seeing reasons to join this daily crusade of praying and firing our goldencenser contract on the Telos blockchain. There is a big news. Telos would be listed on Steem-Engine and that means your heart which is tradeable for Telos can also be exchanged for STeem at a Very Higher value.

@Steemchurch parishioners are so fortunate to be so advantageous when Steem-Telos collaboration will be brokered. This is why we all must put concerted efforts to fire HEARTs on Goldencenser and bring our family and friends here.

Thank God for a few parishioners - @Maxdevalue @Evegrace @Gloriouskids @felixgarciap for joining the #Goldencenserdaily. Certainly Bigger rewards are on and I know you won't want to miss this.

We are excited to announce that we just hit 19,000 MARLIANS Power and that is a big booster for #Goldencenserdaily and #Goldencenserchallenge. We are also excited to inform our parishioners that @Glorious kids intend to co-sponsor #Goldencenserdaily with huge MARLIANS Upvote.

The Essence of all this rewards and encouragement is that allparishioners of Steemchurch may be able to learn how and actually engage the steem blockchain in the most holistic way that will endear others to join our blockchain and community.

When Jesus saw the crowds on the Mount, he sat down and began to teach. Beatitude 7 - 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.' [Matthew 5:9 NIV]

This is a call to peaceful living. Jesus taught the disciples and we by extension that peacemakers shall be called Children of God.

God has given us a ministry of reconciliation to bring men back to God. This can only be possible when we are conscious of being peaceful.

Jesus while preparing to ascend told the disciples that He gives them peace but not as the world giveth. Peace is one commodity that we can have in life.

It is worthy of note that Peace, even a perfect peace can be obtained when our eyes are fastened on the Lord - (Isaiah 26: 3). May we rise up to be agents of peace in our generation that we may be able to draw them back to God.

Please share your Daily word/prayer received from Goldencenser in the comments section and receive a love curation.

What is Goldencenser ?

"Goldencenser" is a contract created by @Sirknight which allows a user to receive the exact amount of HEARTs sent to it but with a value-added Word. The added word is of great value because they are drawn from the scripture and it edifies the spirit, soul and body.

What is Goldencenser Daily prayer

Goldencenser Daily prayer is a call for parishioners and other to make a Daily Prayer request transaction to "goldencenser" with any choice amount of HEART not less than 1.

  • The user is then expected to submit a proof of work as comment under the daily prompt to be made by @Writeandearn.
  • Users who make additional expression of the word gotten from Goldencenser may receive additional reward.
  • This is a daily challenge and expires within 24 hours when the New prompt pops.
  • Ensure that you resteem the challenge prompt for wider reach. Meanwhile, remember to follow @Writeandearn to receive prompts on your feeds.

Each successful entry made will receive a 100% MARLIANS upvote from @Writeandearn. This is just the beginning. More rewards are coming from the @Marlians end and @Surpassinggoogle.

Format for Submission

Goldencenser Daily Prayer 001
Date -30/09/2019

Message from Goldencenser:

I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me. [Romans 15:30]

From the above, it is required of CHristians to continue in praying for other Christians. We ,must interceded and share the burden of others.

Please ensure to use the quote symbol ">" when writing out the Bible passage to avoid cheetah.

Post Entries

You may decide to make a post with it and ensure its a #ulogacy post which shows it's freshness in every form. You may add a picture of yourself and family sharing scripture or the likes.



Our daily curation report will begin and we will love to share insights of the great messages that carry FREEDOM, LOVE and FAMILIES.

Thanks to @Sirknight, and @Darlenys01 who are at the fore of creating space for blessings of @Steemchurch parishioners. You form the bais for the inspiration that @Writeandearn has.

Thanks to @Surpassinggoogle for his unquantified celebration of humanity and the pieces of US.


1. Follow @writeandearn

2. Delegate SP to @writeandearn

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100 SP50 SP20 SP10 SP5 SP

3. Join the Curation Trail

4. Resteem our submissions for wider reach.


@writeandearn is determined to raise and build writers and innovators.
@writeandearn will take STEEM to bookshops and libraries.
@writeandearn will make you earn from your blog beyond 7 days of post payout.


@writeandearn Foundation is the founded by Uyobong Mbaba with support from other investors in Uyo. @uyobong holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Agricultural Engineering. He is a teacher, researcher and Brand Imager/Creative Director at Gracefield Creative Resources, Uyo, Nigeria. @Uyobong loves God and is a Christian and a dedicated member of the @Steemchurch.

He is working tirelessly with his team of creative trainees at The Creativity Hub to give hope to the youths by getting them off the streets and equipping them with valuable life skills.


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Thanks for your love and care for parishioners, together we will build this holy temple.

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Hi brothers and sisters, here is my Golden Censer Daily entry with a real record:

I have sent the request of the daily verse with the message: "All peoples and nations come to worship the King of Kings"
And Golden Censer handed me the verse of 2 Thessalonians 1: 4 NIV:

"Therefore, among God’s churches we boast about your perseverance and faith in all the persecutions and trials you are enduring."

The Word tells me that although I enjoy comfort at this time, when attending a modern temple and with all conditions, I cannot forget that Christians are persecuted for carrying the message of Christ to the nations. As witnesses of Christ we are exposed to be despised, but Christ's love and mercy will give us the prize on the Day of Judgment.

My prayer is to ask for the good of the persecuted Christians because of their Faith, the Lord comforts them and gives them their support.


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