California Sunsets #73 ~ Seagulls

2년 전

”You do not ask a tame Seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time
toward the open sea. It goes, that’s all.”
~~ Bernard Moitessier

Seagulls. Always seem to show up in my sunset photos… coincidence?

Here are some gulls checking out the sunsets from this past Sunday and Monday. Also, please check out my collection of photo-bombing Seagulls in the links below.


These photos were taken just South of the Santa Monica Pier location here

Click image to view full size.

Please visit my previous Seagull photos and blogs:

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I like the third best :) The silhouette of the bird is nicely focused and interestingly framed with the clouds. Beautiful selection!


That was a surprise. I just start clicking when I see a Seagull flying towards me. And yes, I'v been hit a few times from above... never look up when a group of birds are flying above you (; My grandmother used to say it was good luck to get bombed by a bird and that I'll be rich... I'm still waiting!


Haha, we have the same saying in the Czech Republic too :) So far, I have been only "bombed" by a pigeon in my life though, no other birds :) Hopefully, those seagull bombs will trigger the long awaited bull run on the crypto market and you will get rich indeed:D Have a great weekend man!


We all hope. Enjoy!

You and your seagulls! I see they'r back again! These are some amazing pictures meng! I remember you posting those others and on IG as well. that one with the clouds is sick timing!


Just saw you told the story on how granmar also said if a bird shit on you its good luck ! and be rich! we all are still waiting...


Yes I did. And how many times have we been shitted on! I actually got peed on taking some shots a few days ago. Right if the face. Still waiting to become rich aren't we?

Stunning collection.. 4th is the best one! I can imagine it on my wall and watch it 24/7 :)


Thank you! Yes the 4th one is so unique and one of my favorites with Seagulls that is :)

The seagulls are really a good subject for that sunset photo @armentor, very beautiful classic view.


Thank you my friend. I always enjoy watching how they communicate with each other and the way they fly.
A classic view... well stated!

You really caught them in action! Happy accidents one may be, but, isn't that the way with something so fleeting and unpredictable?

Of course, as already stated, the third shot is the bomb!

But, alas, I do love the flight of the seagull, watching them as they move their wings and ride the "lift." Wonderful shots!

You leave behind a peaceful scene.



Watching Seagulls and pelicans flying is amazing. As you said, when they catch that lift, either from the wind or off the swell of the wave is remarkable.

such great photos
up vote and resteemed


Thank you as always!

ha ha the seagull sunset ;) i actually like the seagulls-show better this time LOL


They always photobomb! and once and awhile, they drop a few bombs.


Ha ha 1- you get actors for your pictures for free ;) 2- ever tested to leave food or so, on a . close by location, so they go there instead of, in the middle of your shoot?
Hm yes then we have their bombs tooOoo .... ^^

I have to say I am a fan of the gulls!


I am as well, as long as they don't drop a bomb on me!

Glorious shots and the third one is on point :D


Thanks. The 3rd I was actually taking a photo of the just the sunset and a few clicks later, that happen!

great post and very nice photography


Thank you.

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You do great work!