Goldenhourphotography - Romantic Sunset Charm

2년 전

Hello Steeminians, How are you Today.....
The shape of the sky is so beautiful on the pain today premises sunset lights make the eyes as not blinking, that's the result of my portrait photos on this day.

A very romantic atmosphere of sunset pitch, making the mood calm and comfortable.

I capture this photo when I was in Lhokseumawe municipal reservoir, this location is a nursery location that often come by photographer in lhokseumawe city to capture the moment.

This is my entry #goldenhourphotography contest by @juliank @photocontest

Camera makerSmartphone Xiomi
Camera ModelXiomi MI5
Exposure Time1/2665sec
ISO speedISO- 103
Focal lenght4 mm


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The most beautiful part of his picture are the clouds 💛🌅☁
This is an example of a perfect photo to make postcard background from! 📮

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Awesome Work!

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Amazing photography!!
Perfect sunset!!
Glory to God our creator!!