Infusions of Light Outshine Pinpricks of Light … Chiang Mai – GoldenHour Photography

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 Clearly, we are always surrounded by light. Light everywhere.

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Pinpricks of light

The broad dark band cutting across this photo is the city of Chiang Mai at night. If you look closely, you can see a few pinpricks of light on some of the taller buildings in town.    

But by the end of goldenhour, the city is essentially in the dark. 

Infusions of light

However, even as darkness descends, our world continues to be surrounded by light – even infused with light. The sun has dipped well below the horizon, but its light is reflected, not only directly off the soft clouds, but secondarily off the surface of the pool.    

Indeed, we are still surrounded by a rich palette of light. Light!  
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s GoldenHour Photography contest.
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so beautiful..

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Amazing photo!!! The reflection of the sunset lights in the water makes it even more unique and creative. Once again, the photo is magnificent.

Великолепное фото!!! Отражения огней заката в воде делает еще неповторимым и креативным. Еще раз -фото великолепное.

You have painted a very beautiful picture of Chiang Mai city through photography. As soon as the darkness occurs, the sun's light falls on the horizon through clouds and the clouds become golden color.
As soon as the evening, the city wakes up with the light of the golden light. After the sun's golden light is over, darkness begins in the city.
After that the city is illuminated by the lighting of the city. On seeing from a distance, like the small star, the burning lights in the houses are flickering .. Very beautiful scenery, wonderful.

Amazing photo.very good place.wonderful photography.Thanks a lot.

Sweet 😋😋

Please what camera did you make use of?


Just a simple point'n'click Samsung camera.


Alright... Thanks

awesome capture , reflection sunset everything so good i do really interested in photography i do have a sunset pic capture with my phone please checkout
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”


Nice. You should make a post of this, and enter it into @juliank's contest.

Beautiful twilight, a ray of light that gives illumination to our lives beautiful place good photo

Ohhhh wao really very attractive place.Very impressive colours.Thailand is most beautiful country.Very beautiful lights.Very beatiful capture.Your goldenhour photography always to good.Thanks for sharing.


HAVE a nice Weekend ... from SEOUL.

Lovely scene in different countryside. Hope I can see the resolution details.

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Wow its awesome scenary. Nice photography amejes.tytyty you are really authentic photographer

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@majes.tytyty wonderful picture , really nice i like it, brother can you share your camera settings to take similar kind of pictures and if possible can u comment on my pictures of sunset so that i can improve.

Up voted👌👍💪

Colorful picture

Nice post bro

amazingly have a great sense of Photography...what a combination of life ,light, beauty & nature..👍👍

Wow!!! It looks awesome.
Very impressive photography. Feel like you have captured the whole beauty in your camera.
It looks like,your photos decorated with colors, that refresh the eyes.
This is one of the most beautiful photography or post I have ever seen or upvoted.
Thanks for sharing this post with us.
Keep-on sharing, Eagerly waiting for your next post.

Picture looks really beautiful, just awesome click.

Very beautiful picture. Thanks for it.

Goldenhourphotography at its very best.