Paphos Cyprus - Sunset Challenge 365 #107 By Steve J Huggett

9개월 전

sunset cyprus - by steve j huggett.jpg

Oh I would so like to be there where it's still warm and not raining :))

The only sunset pic I took for the whole of the holiday, on a boat just outside the harbor. I hope to venture back there one day. Back to getting the kitchen ceiling ready to be plastered, enjoy your weekend.

What I use

Nikon D7200.
Sigma 18-300m
Software Adobe Lightroom.
Taken by Steve J Huggett.


Paphos Cyprus

Thank you

I appreciate you taking time to read this post and viewing my photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Image © Steve J Huggett. All Rights Reserved.

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I love Cyprus, especially the NW and SE coastline with the higher rock formation overlooking the beautiful blue colors of the Mediterranean Sea


I hope I get back there, really enjoyed it. :)

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Lovely sunset, as always! I'm sorry about your weekend. That sounds like a very messy and disruptive project. I'm sure it will look great when it's done, though.


Thanks @goat-girlz We managed to get out today for a trip to the mountains today in between the rain showers. Yesterday was putting up the drylining in the kitchen which wasn't to bad. Its a long-overdue project :))


I have so many projects that have been waiting for me to get around to doing them that it has become almost funny. Kudos to you for actually doing one!

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Lol, I guess if it wasn't for my other half things would take longer. Although I do keep stopping her adding new projects to the list :))