@tyrnannoght : el lorescroll merviglioso

2년 전

I don't know where, lemme seeee ...

fine i'll take out the names since im a nice guy in the name of peace, but only if they never bother me again with their rigid bs....

oh !

its not like i dont talk, right :







it's not like i DONT socialize ... i'll leave out the facebook replies because leaving comments at satoko fuji, coldcut, kevin mitnick and the pirate party like they're my big bro and sisters probably gives the wrong impression

it's that i dont talk on command or because of necessary frequency

i got plenty to talk both to and about, i got people i can actually visit IN REAL LIFE if i feel the need rising ... i don't need anyone suggesting on how to run my life ... but i'll gladly take your money to un-ruIn it , however i'm damaged 9to5 goods and belgium isnt startup-friendly, especially for stay-in-your-place-peasants so i guess we stay tunnelcat (<- reference) because the other alternatives offered and available are simply not acceptable

So here we have el lorescroll merviglioso

im not half-content with the particle emitter but it moves in the right direction for a pickup

as said, and also as said, if i werent interrupted by attempted borderline simulations on my head, this place, that place or in general having no ACTUAL life (because money ... YEA BECAUSE MONEY , PRECIOUS and hicks up my ass over shit they dont know me but got everything to say about it and then would expect respect in return ...)

here it is, it'll be on #opengameart

i'd say HERE : https://opengameart.org/users/alleycat

but it says has not submitted aything so

id say HERE : https://opengameart.org/content/chestwood1png

but it says "you dont have access to the page ..."

so ...


its definitely there ... so is this like where suddenly my choon account doesnt get notes anymore and even if i have a 250k balane i can't put up a banner ? Is it a spiteful act of some [ name here ] or [ name here ] kind of hateful beeeep beeep beeeeeeeeeep over something ? is it because i should talk freud or physics ?

Cos things don't work like that ...

anyway, it's there ... so i guess it will be accessible sooner or later ...

well, thats where "language" comes from : people being sabotaged

o gods, even worse :

moderators :

Understood, and thanks. In the meantime, this is not a usable game asset, so I will have to remove it per the site's submission guidelines unless you are able to edit it to be in the 3D Art category and include the .blend file right away. Let me know. :)

i'll give it one shot, if i get modded and deleted again i'll probably get into a fit and delete it all and find somewhere else

in the end, all politics aside i hope it to be an "exclusive product" you can only get at with steem from the steemchain, my two cents in the history of Satoshis legacy (think big, they say ...)

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