IMO: GOLOS became a Digital Fascist state over-run by Nazis from the weird part of the Internet!



I am not throwing these words idle around, I dived down into the dictionary to make sure I was phrasing the headline correctly analyzing the Russian Twin Brother of STEEM, namely GOLOS.

Basically nothing has happened in GOLOS since they forked off STEEM to create their own russian blockchain... in fact, there are more russians joining STEEM then GOLOS for one simple fact - GOLOS is run by a group of fascists that systematically do the following:

  • A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

Or in other words - they use their technical accounts all over the platform to upvote/circlejerk themselves and flag everyone else who is not a member of the Russian National Click/Part of the Circlejerk-club of Russian Nazis. Imagine if the Steemit account went rough?

  • A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

Or in other words - "Golos INC." if we can call them that, believes they are the owners and the rulers of the GOLOS blockchain, and investors/witnesses are only peasants of no value.

  • Oppressive, dictatorial control.

Or in other words - "Golos INC." Through straw men/women/sockpuppet accounts threatens bloggers, businesses, investors to "stand in line" and "Do what they tell you to do".

Shady dealings behind the scenes is what is going on.

The result of all this is the following:

  • All developers quit the GOLOS project
  • GOLOS still is struggling with the n^2 reward curve
  • War & Drama is more cunning & destructive than anything I have ever seen before.

So my conclusion after being an insider in both GOLOS & STEEM is that GOLOS is not Business-friendly and the culture does not offer investors any bright future. Their leadership is incompetent at best and lacking at worst, and did I mention they have no developers and an outdated fork?

Steem on the other hand has become so stabile, extremely business, user and investor-friendly. The failed GOLOS project could humble themselves and do something positive with the remnant of 50 circlejerkers that are still around in there, but I wont support it anymore. I have seen the russian masses and what they do, how they do it and why they fail. I don't think I will do business with russians in the future unless they have proven themselves worthy of such a thing by a track record of success and kept promises.

@inertia has gathered plenty of data from our experiment over there, looking forward to that post. In the meanwhile, Im licking some sun, enjoying life and two scoops of ice cream.


Talk with me directly at

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Hello! I am a member of the @golos team and I want to respond based upon the facts.

  1. None of the developers left the project. This is a lie. We are increasing the development team almost threefold (this includes both developers of the Golos blockchain core and the front end of the social network site
  2. We are conducting Data Science research on the payout curve, as discussed a month ago. A decision will be made based on the results.
  3. War & Drama appear when users with high Golos Power are trying to turn the social network into a garbage dump, submitting paid upvotes and empty texts via their boosters.

Personally, I do not see anything unusual in that someone made an anti-buster bot (which forced you to write this post) in order to make site more fair.


What you have created is a black market for vote buying and selling, whereas Booster is transparent, open source and available for everyone. Don't glorify yourselves, and don't invent stories as you have any clue about what I do, what I have observed and what my intentions are.

You guys turned Fascist Nazis on the community, failed at everything - only thing you are good at is lying to weak people.

Context: You are selling votes behind the scenes to your so called "business partners" using GolosPower you have got for free after you scammed investors for 600 Bitcoins in the ICO.

And you are dictating who gets to use what, when and why. Excluding legit investors from thriving in open space. Don't you see further than the tip of your own nose @marina, @vitaly-ivov, @serejandmyself, @elena-singer, @freebornsociety, @insider, @nickshtefan, @nemo1369 and the rest of the corrupt @golos "team"?

· @golos initially positioned itself as a platform for communities and quality content.

Interest groups began to be actively formed on the site closer to summer, with the added initiative of community support from ordinary members of the — natasha, phoenix, as described at the Golos Fest in July (@arcange, @roelandp — witnesses). Everything done within the framework of the Vox-Populi was absolutely transparent for those who speak Russian. All posts issued through the community were checked for uniqueness of content and deservedly gained the votes of users.

In the case of the booster, which you transferred from Steemit, the uniqueness of the supported content and its' quality is irrelevant. The interests of the communities are irrelevant because cash is king.

As soon as the booster started working at full strength (2017-11), an active outflow of active authors (blue line) from the platform began (largely due to the fact that it was turning into a garbage dump of shovels).


Почему только сообщества аффилированные с GolosFund получали централизованную поддержку за качественный контент? Что мешало организовать глобальную поддержку авторов через группы кураторов, а не через карманные сообщества, которые выплачивают за поддержку деньги - 20% от Силы Голоса?

Что мешало всё это сделать без откатов, а просто за счет групп тематических кураторов?

Вы первые создали систему денежных откатов на Голосе и стали пилить 30% пула через карманные сообщества. Сообщество Голоса ответило тем же, и теперь вы говорите про деньги и качественный контент?

Why only communities affiliated with GolosFund received central support for quality content? What prevented the organization of global sponsorship support through groups of curators, and not through pocket communities that pay money for support - 20% of the GOLOS POWER?

What prevented all this done without kickbacks, but simply at the expense of groups of thematic curators?

You were the first to create a system of cash kickbacks on the GOLOS and began to cut 30% of the pool through pocket communities. The Voice community answered the same, and now you are talking about money and quality content?


Maybe we just reverse the R on steem and call it a compromise?


Бустер был ответом на квадратичные выплаты, которые вы до сих пор не убрали, чтобы контролировать распил пула.
После того как вы начали мочить флагами инвесторов вместо того, чтобы ввести линейную кривую выплат уйдут не только авторы, но и инвесторы.
К тому же метание флагами создает нездоровую атмосферу, вовсе не дружелюбную.
В общем я впервые вижу, когда команда откровенно гробит перспективный проект, аналогов в Рунете у которого еще нет.

The booster was the answer to the quadratic repayments, which you still have not cleared to control the cut of the pool.
After you began to wet the flags of investors, instead of introducing a linear payment curve, not only the authors, but also investors will leave.
In addition, throwing flags creates an unhealthy atmosphere, not at all friendly.
In general, I see for the first time when the team frankly destroys a promising project, which has no analogs in RuNet.


The curve is not the main trouble. The trouble is garbage content promoted by boosters without any revision and quality assurance. Also, big number of different boosters which drives the head crazy. Even if one legit author with quality post decides to legally promote his/her post, he can't do it easily.

Author needs to perform deep research on which "Promotion Service Provider" to use. Most providers requires to input very big investments to overcome the swarm of shit-posters with big cash.

Low quality content boosters make so huge noise! Newbie can't afford to join these gamblings. So, they just become unseen and hungry for readers.
No readers, no reason to post a quality.


This is a issue in steemit too... A lot of crappers do trash content and do high bids, communities should be active and selective.


Whoa, whoa, somebody stole my name on golos?

A quick check says unknown account.
So now my question is why is my name in this conversation?

And while i got your eyes, why was i booted from steemspeak?
Did somebody get his little feelers bent by the truth?

  1. Если мы говорим о лжи, то скорее это вы врете. Во врем последней встречи с делегатами @nemo1369 сказал, что уходит из @goloscore в CyberFund. А учитывая, что практически только он тянул код ядра, то:
    1.1. Разработчик из команды ушел
    1.2. Команды фактически нет, потому что он работал один.
  2. Я не знаю почему вы исследуете кривую, смена кривой была обещана год назад ещё до старта Голоса.
  3. Ну, так если у вас экономика на Голосе такая, что выгодно голоса продавать, то юзеры их продают. Но атакуете вы только почему-то только @fyrstikken, хотя голосами торгует уже весь голос.

  1. If we are talking about lies, then rather you are lying. During the last meeting with the delegates @ nemo1369 said that he is leaving @goloscore in the KF. And considering that almost only he pulled the kernel code, then:
    1.1. The developer from the team left
    1.2. The team is actually not, because he worked alone.
  2. I do not know why you are investigating the curve, the change of the curve was promised a year ago even before the start of the Voice.
  3. Well, if you have an economy on the Voice such that it is profitable to sell votes, then the users sell them. But you attack only for some reason only @fyrstikken, although the voice is already trading the entire voice.

@litrbooh Доброго времени суток. Хочу лишь уточнить, что паника несколько преждевременна.

Строго формально, я еще пока никуда не ушел. До окончания февраля я продолжу числиться в составе команды @goloscore в качестве наставника и технического писателя. Строго говоря, я обучаю людей, претендующих на звание команды, и документирую код.


@nemo1369, от того, что вы передаете свои навыки будущему поколению код не пилится, ХФ не делается, кривая не сглаживается, разработка стоит, делегирования и бенефицианства нет, инвесторы и разработчики не могут монетизироваться.

Если люди теряют деньги, что кого интересуют формальные детали?

Кстати, Михаил, вы обещали ТЗ на исследование кривой показать и озвучить сроки примерные по данной работе.


from the fact that you pass on your skills to the future generation, the code does not cut, the HF is not done, the curve does not get smoothed out, the development costs, the delegation and the beneficiaries are not, investors and developers can not monetize.

If people lose money, who is interested in formal details?

By the way, Michael, you promised TZ for the study of the curve to show and voice the terms of the sample for this work.

  ·  작년 лагает как негр знает что


Good day. I just want to clarify that panic is somewhat premature.

Strictly formally, I have not gone anywhere yet. Until the end of February, I will continue to be a member of the @goloscore team as a mentor and technical writer. Strictly speaking, I teach people who claim to be a team and document the code.


If we could get more feedback in #en, that would be nice.

I pretty much stopped posting when my rewards went to pennies.


Far less pennies now, first saw 0.001 $ as a kind of payment for the vote


When the high gp accounts vote, every other vote is worth less.

We had that problem on Steemit, but I didn't like their solution.
I thought it was better to convince the whales to keep their hands off the reward pool, they already have most of it as it is.


So this sounds like Clash Of Clans between Interstellar families originating from the same bloodline. We need Superman!


So much hatred words in one post, and no numbers and usernames at all.

  1. Let's compare two most influential authorities on Steem and on Golos:
    @steemit: (71,439,457.115 + 1,434.590) / 262,525,279.696 = 27,21% of economy
    @cyberfund: (6,936,227.579 + 1,673,266.167) / 131,427,278.594 = 6,55% of economy
    This mathematically proves that Steem has much more centralization of authority than Golos.

  2. The active userbase of Steem is around 42000, while on Golos it's around 6000 (1/7 of Steem), which I believe is more that "50 circlejerkers".

  3. The Golos capitalization is continuously growing so it's really hard to treat Golos as a "failed" project.

Also could you provide the usernames of those developers? I only heard about Golos doubled the size of the team over the last year.


Self voting and large steem power disparities or golos power disparities can be obfuscated with multiple accounts per user. It could be like 80% owned by Dan Larimer. How would we know? I don't think that's the case. It's only to illustrate the point.

There is quite a bit of flagging to reduce rewards and retaliations that go on on this chain.

Dived in a dictionary... good hobby!

I think you may have dove into the shallow end my friend, for it seems you have phrased nothing correctly and your analysis is baseless.

“Russian Nazis”
The Soviets and Nazis had completely conflicting sociopolitical ideologies.

"Golos INC. if we can call them that, believes they are the owners and the rulers of the GOLOS blockchain, and investors/witnesses are only peasants of no value.”
Yes, you can call them that if you wish. You have no direct quote to perpetuate this subjective statement.

  • All developers quit the GOLOS project
  • GOLOS still is struggling with the n^2 reward curve
  • War & Drama is more cunning & destructive than anything I have ever seen before.

I have already read someone’s response to these three following points, which are lacking any factual basis, so I will not reiterate what they said because it was spot on. @overmorgen

I am sorry you have come to such an inaccurate conclusion based in non rational thought. Everything that GOLOS and STEEM does advocates a business-friendly culture and all of their investors can speak to this. I still don’t understand how you have come to the conclusion they have no developers and an outdated fork…this is simply just not true. Also, poor choice of nomenclature when referencing members of the team and community; this really fails to promote an intelligent dialogue.

“I have seen the russian masses and what they do, how they do it and why they fail.”
I had to laugh out loud at this one. If you have recently gone off any psychiatric medications that you shouldn’t have, this might explain the origin of what you originally wrote.

You showed yourself as an asshole from the moment when you could not find a common language with Cyberfond (before launching the booster). If you ran the booster to show how bad the distribution function of rewards - we already know about it. And I, as a witness at Golos, stand for smoothing the curve. But I want to say something else - because of all the delirium and hatred that you personally brought to Golos, the community suffered. But believe me, we will survive this small crisis.

And enough of this nonsense about the fascists. And your "f**k, f**k, f**k, f**k you all")) This is ridiculous.

Golos certainly awaits a great future, regardless of whether you will harm the project or not.

  ·  작년

It's not to prove the reward curve is bad. Clearly it's because he can profit from destroying everybody elses stake while lining his own pockets. Don't bend to the will of somebody forcing his way through with destruction. The curve is not the answer. Vote negation is.


Why do you think that fyrstikken needs to "find a common language with CF" and not CF is to find the common language with investors?

It's exactly russian-style dictatorship.


It depends on the chronology, sentiments of business communication and not on nationality.
The sentence below could be read (in text form) in few ways:

You showed yourself as an asshole from the moment when you could not find a common language with Cyberfond (before launching the booster).

If Cyberfund was the initiator of investment from @fyrstikken, then yes... Cyberfund's interest is to create good offer and find consensus with investor. If fyrstikken just decided make some money on the project without caring about community and regular users, then this could lead to some resistance from project authorities.

I just want to say, don't use so strong idioms like: "exactly russian-style dictatorship".
In a quarrel both sides are guilty, usually...

PS: I personally don't mind against "Promotion Services". But they should work as intended - promote quality content and not just gain money from garbage.


As an asshole he showed himself just for "judina" since he didn't upvote her naked body. The reason for that sentence was exactly that (depending on chronology) :)))

We could see different behavior styles of @frystikken at Golos and all of them are logical. Including interests of all the involved parties. Booster raised Golos and GBG 5x during two months.

I do not consider this system to be good forever but at the moment it was very good decision.


OK Got your point...

Booster raised Golos and GBG 5x during two months. I do not consider this system to be good forever but at the moment it was very good decision.

...but eventually these boosters ruined whole point of Golos as it positioned itself: quality content platform.


Every two new weeks something appears at Golos that "ruines whole point of Golos" :)
What I do like about that platform is this inventive initiative community and experiments.


I see similar "experiments" outside of my house everyday. A lot of destruction and a bit of creation. No need to have Golos for such experiments... IMHO


Fortunately, I do not live in Russia, that's why I need golos for this kind of entertainment )))

But I would like to underline that according to people's opinion better times have already gone, and any change is not desirable. Still we can observe world is developing for the better.


Dayyyyym @yudina-cat. I like your style

I don’t write frequently on steemit, but when I see someone trying to score on lies and deceit it really makes me want to answer.

I will not go back over a year ago and look up for some similar quotes you have used to diss the steemit team, mainly because all the fudd was spread behind the scenes, on the show you had run, before discord... Same goes for the scandal with @heiditravels @dollarvigilante and the list goes on...

This is to show the kind of a person you are. From day one all you have been doing is bringing around fud, swearing, shouting, dissing women in a very provocative (I am really surprised none of them have taken this to court yet) way and so on.

As for Golos:

  1. You haven’t bothered to do your research or read any of the posts \ code that is done by the team
  2. You are the one that started the whole fud with booster \ selling upvotes, and you weren’t ashamed that money is all you after (thats not going to measure your profits in USD terms now)
  3. You are using the word "nazi", really? Are you serious? Please do get a dictionary or an encyclopedia and read what that means
  4. Using technical accounts? That is a lie
  5. Upvote people? Really? Please be so kind to provide proof that any technical accounts have been used to upvote friends or acquaintances in order to divide the pool
  6. Developers have quit the project? Really? Who? Please be sure to check out the github page before you make remarks and see the commits those people who quit are making
  7. “War&Drama” - gosh, that sounds like a Brazilian TV show... This post (not the opinion you are trying to express, but the deceiving “facts” in this post you are using) only go to show, that you are the one spreading the fud my friend

PS - Please try and refrain from racist comments (as such that you have made in your post) as we will have to take this further on to courts using information that has been written down by yourself and has been seen by everyone


Just to be precise with wording...

  • Nazism - the political principles of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
    So this principle is not bound to to Germany. Neo-nazi's are spread around the world, if I'm not wrong.
  • Nazi - a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
  • Fascism - a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
  • Racism - prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

One shouldn't confuse Nazism and Fascism.
As I understand, Nazism means defending the national interests (support), doing some efforts to make nation better (this could be done in bad and good ways, though).

Fascism means dictatorship and extermination of any opposing minds. On genetic and cultural levels this make nation weaker, but gains the power and influence of dictator.

When dictator voluntarily makes nation weaker in some aspects by Fascism, he needs to suppress other nations. Otherwise its nation will quickly become non-competitive. This is why Racism goes together with Fascism.

Probably we will gradually move from the Voice to Steemit, as the prospects for the Voice to conduct business with each month are getting worse.


Кстати, приглашаю, коллега - Трезвомыслящие инициативные люди нужны в адекватной среде) @karmoputnik

Not touched GOLOS and have no regrets about it.
Rather focus my energy on STEEM.

A lot of people switch from GOLOS to Steemit. And I'm including.
Because what I see is not business. It does not seem that the organizers are adults and serious people.
Having such money for so long to deal with hardfork and to allow such serious problems with the nodes ... this mind is incomprehensible. A shame!
I certainly do not give up hope that everything will get better, but it melts every day.

There is no comparison between STEEM and Golos. Steem is better in every way possible. This might be generalization, but Russians can not be trusted when it comes to business. I had bad experience whit them regarding some poker project.


In business, no one can be trusted =)


Especially in gambling business...

Well this is a sign of how it could go. Essentially it's up to the people, or rather the kind of people, that are using the platform. Luckily on Steemit we have a lot of awesome people here :)

I do not have to look too far about Golos. this has been the reason Golos was not followed. all Russian products are just for the sake of personal interest. they can not afford to help the crowd. even from various aspects. but many of russian people like to do destructive things.

Thanks for sharing!

i used golos for a while, got a little reward once in a while but lately it got even more difficult, i get tones of upvotes but no reward at all...

  ·  작년

Doesn't sound like a friendly place.. Glad I never joined

  ·  작년

Damn, that's sad to hear.

I was looking forward to curating on there after the release, dropping in now and then to curate and I noticed a big margin of posts were never rewarded. I'm not talking about my own cause they were google translated ones without any real value, but in general of the people I started following I noticed that so few were getting votes before and after my own votes. It felt weird.

I decided to take profits later some time and invested them back onto Steem.

Enjoy the vacation, looking forward to the analysis by inertia.


sure. it`s really sad (

  ·  작년

I had the same thoughts about it. I was just starting to wonder again what ever happened with Golos, but now I hear this news...

It sounds to me like it's just not worth the trouble.

Thanks for giving information.

Perfect decision and good opinion about Golos. I almost totally agree with you...
But what a wonderful game it becomes and treating Golos like a game is the right way, since it helps not to be involved but to be a researcher of those russians. I really think that what they are doing is totally russian-style and it resembles russian state. But with this game russians study not only how to survive but also how to develope community and negotiate, make common projects, be part of a team. Even make decent business (there are some that are not attacked right now).

All the community eagerly waits for at least n-curve reward pull, and just five persons with technical accounts are against since they think that they will loose their power. But you showed perfectly what a vulnerable system is created with n^2-curve.

But as I am the most interested person in different kinds of statistics it would be so nice of you to share the information you tried to get (as far as I remember you wrote about 30 and 60 days analysis)


If you command a large part of the reward pool, you might do well on golos. Perhaps @haejin might decide to cross post his predictions on Golos.

  ·  작년

Еще мне нравится, как эти ватноголовые игнорят полностью всех на Голосе. Даже топовых делегатов.
Но только "белый истеричный господин" написал один пост, как все стадо срочно побежало доказывать, что они "не такие". И налайкивать сами себе с маленькой кучкой жополизов комментарии.

Особенно тебе должно доставить, как один из них угрожает судом, хотя сам на три года получил запрет на въезд в Украину за незаконное пересечение границы.


Я ведь считаю, что это тоже очень по-русски. Сделать какую-нибудь технологичную штуку и считать, что все инвесторы выстроятся в очередь, а ты будешь пинать ногами неугодных.

Работа с инвесторами, диалог, презентация развития велась только до ICO насколько я поняла, и именно поэтому это сейчас выглядит как scam.
Потому что российские (постсоветские, если угодно) умения в этой области на уровне, кто кому будет в рот заглядывать. А учиться профессионально развивать отношения с инвесторами - это компетенция, которую команде надо начинать прокачивать.

Obviously, i appreciate this @fyrstikken

Most Russians were raised under oppressive conditions. It is a different culture, mindset and business environment. It's healthy to remember that and adapt to each country as/if needed. I've been to Russia and done business and it is different but not all people are the same. There are good ones there as I'm sure you know. .

I like your idea about vetting before collaborating.

It seems that you've been somewhat burned and I'm sorry to hear that. It happens to all of us unfortunately. These are the lessons that we learn and grow from. You are free to move on to more fruitful pastures.

Good luck and thanks for the update @fyrstikken

I knew nothing of GOLOS until reading this and want no part after. Steem I've always held in high regard and will continue to. I'm glad you're here brother and even more grateful for your enlightening post! Always good to hear from you. More music please. I feel like takin' a drive.

Of course, you wouldn't remember this, but I mentioned to you in the comments to one of the similar emotional and insulting rants of yours on Golos in early September, that you can not just step in on this territory called Russia without knowing local customs, mentality, insights and the general way things are done there. This is a different world either you like it or not. It doesn't run by general rules, or whatever rules you think might have worked somewhere else. If someone wants to succeed in Russia or with Russians, they first should understand these people and this country, and either embrace the reality or refrain from doing business there. Those who don't realize such mostly fail. Please, read Russian classics, you will get a better understanding. I lived there for thirty years before immigrating to the US, and know what I'm talking about.


All "local customs, mentality and insights" can be very easily understood for europeans if they imagine medieval europeans and treat russians in that manner :)


Indeed... At it's core all humans is like a meat bag... nothing else. You feed it - it lives. You stop feeding - it dies. Everything else is just a derivations of the principle above :D


@limnade May be. However, if such erratic behavior and dirty mouth rants represent the European approach, I'm no sure it's any better.

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I first heard about this word Golos when I installed eSteem. I did not spend time on it to understand more about it until I read this review post. Thanks @fyrstikken.

Steem On!


You're welcome! Golos On! Lol

Its interesting to see forks try to establish themselves, I feel like this is much harder to do with something like Steem than it is with simply a token.


That's the thing; they're NOT trying to establish themselves. The Golos "Team" is a bunch of narcotic alcoholics and promiscuous perverts who fuck the first thing they can come accross with a pulse.

This is so great! You got the great point here......

Its the Russians again trying to crash the crypto steem.


it s really nice post and i liked in your post

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One of my friend has joined few months back, but he not getting much support from the platform so he stopped. I think steemit is best. Thanks for making us aware.

Digital Fascist state over-run by Nazis from the weird part of the Internet!Essentially it's up to the people, or rather the kind of people, that are using the platform.
i like it. i follow you.
Thanks for share.

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Мы рождены, чтоб сказку сделать пылью!
Голос - это как индикатор, лакмусовая палочка. Пока что анализы как у покойника. Но, есть у нас, русских, привычка верить в светлое будущее.


однозначно - хорошая привычка, Юра! ))

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Да всё будет хорошо...


На Голос надейся, а сам не плошай)

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Жизнь россиянина - родился, немножко подождал лучших времён, умер.


не так!

какое время, такие и цели


Paper, comrade... Paper. Not a stick. :)


И она ебала разрушителя Голоса - охуенное суждение в плане отношений у нее)

I don’t think we can ever find a blockchain like Steem , there are actually many out there but nothing that interests me more than this . Have you heard or “solos”


You need not ask permission to resteem posts in general. I do not know whether this poster is special in someway.

Well this is an indication of how it could go. Basically it's up to the general population, or rather the sort of individuals, that are utilizing the stage. Fortunately on Steemit we have a considerable measure of magnificent individuals here

Im licking some sun

Love it!

BTW Screw golos. those commies can't hit their butt with both hands...


don't know anything of this cause maths.....but I love your swag
follow for follow?


High five*


OMG, I love the little ones , this one time I snorkled with sea turtles
totally awesome

Well this is an indication of how it could go.

Basically it's up to the general population, or rather the sort of individuals, that are utilizing the stage.

Fortunately on Steemit we have a great deal of marvelous individuals here ..

Carry on dear..

Thats sad one...

I was anticipating curating on there after the discharge, dropping in sometimes to clergyman and I saw a major edge of posts were never compensated.

I'm not discussing my own motivation they were google deciphered ones with no genuine esteem, however when all is said in done of the general population I began tailing I saw that so few were getting votes when my own particular votes. It felt strange.

I chose to take benefits later some time and contributed them back onto Steem.
Appreciate the excursion, anticipating the investigation by inactivity.

Carry on dear...✌✌

It seems to me that the accusation of them in fascism is too exaggerated. Rather, they have problems in understanding what is investment appeal. And this is not surprising, because people were born in the USSR with strict state regulation. Yes, and in modern Russia with this big problems, in business right now is the one who is closer to power (((

Probably we will gradually move from the Voice to Steemit, as the prospects for the Voice to conduct business with each month are getting worse.@fyrstikken #resteem

I can resteem your post if you upvote my comment. @fyrstikken

its miserable that they would fork out of steem just to go be a disappointment. I don't see requirements for forks on steem blockchain, on the off chance that they are any grieviances from any gatherings I would state discourse is the approach instead of a fork

.ha ha this is vary comedy picture.Personally, I do not see anything unusual in that someone made an anti-buster bot (which forced you to write this post) in order to make site more fair.thanks for given good informative

Sorry for their loss.
I hope you enjoy Three Times the ice cream this year.
You deserve it.

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I share this words "Steem on the other hand has become so stabile, extremely business, user and investor-friendly. The failed GOLOS project could humble themselves"

I did not have any idea about Golos, today I heard it in Apon's account, very nicely told you everything about this.

Nazis have committed genocide to the world. They talk about what they are, but there are still more nazi minds and thoughts to continue.

There is nothing dialogue with the team of KF, there is a nothing General idea of the development and obstacles for investors and top authors. Bad business.
Very sorry that you decided to end this experiment. It was fun.

you talk about a important thing....thanx for share it.... i wish for your best of luck brother

that's pretty cool to know...

Informative....Thanks for the information and helpful .
Thank's for sharing sir.

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More than have of Golos-Fund are ukranians :D


Ukraine, Russia, Belarus... who cares... They're all the same!

// sarcasm off

that's sad to hear.
just followed and resteemed your post, Follow me back and upvote my posts

interesting... but as for me, golos now is very problematic.

This is such a good idea!

Time to buy I guess, lol.

its sad that they would fork out of steem just to go be a failure. i don't see needs for forks on steem blockchain, if they are any grieviances from any parties i would say dialogue is the way to go rather than a fork


Fork was needed to break the language barrier. Come on babe!

Steemit is the future and no one can defeat that. I am not aware about this fork and this will not affect Steemit growth, in fact it will treat more publicity to Steemit.
Thanks @fyrstikken for this post

What scoops of ice cream?

I'll like be dead after making this response, steemit wise that is. Okay, so some users are not making any rewards. Only 50 people on Golos are taking money from their reward pool. I have seen lots of post and comments about the top 7% of steemt getting 80% plus of all of the reward pool. So what is the difference between steemit and golos, when the top 7% take 80%?

I frankly found a lot of the comments demeaning the Russian people and Russian business rather distasteful. I remind all the Americans that had harsh and critical words for Russian businesses about Enron, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and numerous other American businesses that screwed over the American people and the taxpayers, do you remember the automobile industry bail out, the bank bail out, and the housing bubble, remember how many Americans lost their homes and their livelihoods, Mean while the banks and the car makers are doing just fine. Most Russian businesses like do not want anything to do with corrupt American Businessmen.

So the next time you think you have something bad to say about Russian, or any foreign business dealings, look in your own backyard.


First - I am from Norway, not the USA. Not that it matters. And when it comes to dealing with Russians, let us never forget how Russia defaulted on their loans in 1993 and never recovered from it.

So next time you think you know anything, check history first.

Second - my post is about GOLOS and how the fascist conditions in GOLOS affects legit investors and businesses being targeted by a corrupt established group of alcoholics that was "first on golos" and act as a cartel on that particular blockchain.

Third: I manage the 4th largest account on GOLOS, has financed a whole lot of open source code for GOLOS and spread my votes around to as many as possible only to observe and record how the GOLOS masses behave in a matter that is not compatible with the Standard of Business.

I have no intention of supporting a blockchain which has an establishment pointing a gun at everyone arriving. That shit you can support yourself. There are better things to invest in.



I frankly found a lot of the comments demeaning the Russian people and Russian business rather distasteful.


I have seen the russian masses and what they do, how they do it and why they fail. I don't think I will do business with russians in the future unless they have proven themselves worthy

I then tried to show how corrupt some American Businesses can be. I used the term American, because I did not know where you were from. By your statement you are from Norway, I guess there are no such thing as Bad Norwegian Business Owners. Russia defaulted on Loans, are they they only country to default on loans? Do you view every country that has defaulted on loans as not worthy of doing business with?

I understand your post is primarily about GOLOS, about "50 circlejerkers". - - "corrupt established group of alcoholics" - - But did you need to demean All Russians. There are enough Governments spreading hate, and misunderstanding in the world that we do not need as individuals to aid them in the spread of propaganda. I know you read all your responses, you did after all respond to me. Prior to my initial post I also read all the responses you received, and a lot of them were rather demeaning and stereotypical responses toward All Russians.

I never said you should support GOLOS, if it is GOLOS you have an issue with the post should have been about GOLOS, not the "Stereotypical view" of the Russian People. As you could tell from my comment I am not a businessman. I was primarily concerned with the stereotyping of an entire group of people. I think the comments you received show how much mistrust and abuse can be spread by spreading stereotypical views of a group of people.


You go girl!
He shouldve used a rifle and not a grenade...

Greetings friend you have my vote I hope to have yours

Never even knew about that site but if Dota2 had shown me something it's that it's good to stay away from Russians online. As long as they don't come to Steemit doing shady stuff I'm fine with it.

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I appreciate you for giving us information about Russian's FOLOS as compare to Steem. No doubt, Steem has come to stay, and will be moving higher and higher. I follow and upvote you.

funny and informative

most of the users of came to the platform after advertising from is housewives turners bakers builders. we just do not understand the technical language and have no chance to influence the ecosystem. But this does not mean that we do not benefit from society.

This is the first I am hearing about Golos, I guess I have to look into it and study it. Thanks @fyrstikken for information but I miss your singing. Try compose something again and sing then post it . Is still listened to your version of THE LION KING dis morning.

Thanks for advice. This is the first time I've heard about it. I checked it out just now and it seems you're right. Their site seems to have lots of problems it can't even translate the page to English when they have some language option above. Poor programming sorry to say.


They were ahead in translation a year ago. You could change to English and use the site while Steemit was only English. The problem is, you must hunt for it in the settings.

Hi nice article I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good going best of luck.I am new to steemit plz help me and support me

This is a great opportunity for Steem and Steemians to see what could happen and make sure it doesn't happen to keep our future bright.

i realize your post.thanks for your golos opinion...
i apricate your post.
carry on...

steemit is the one of the best way to make money

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Learning everyday

Shoutout for snitching on GOLOS @fyrstikken. This is a useful read. I'm glad you're giving us the heads up on this platform

damn thats to bad !

Good to read your point about golos. I was planning to start an account there and test it. The value of its currency is still low enough to be able to invest into some descent value of power. But if it is really so badly managed, I will never see my investment back. Thanks for the warning.

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

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I suported your statement

steem is taken over now by the end of this year hopefully steemit is the best social media platform

@fyrstikken great information in STEEM and Golos.I after that you can be sure to pay attention to the today. Very nice detection. Thank you very much for your informed consents.thanks for sharing .
upvoted and resteem

" I have seen the russian masses and what they do, how they do it and why they fail. I don't think I will do business with russians in the future unless they have proven themselves worthy of such a thing by a track record of success and kept promises."

You very quickly and subjectively concluded about all the Russians. You correctly described the GOLOS Directorate and their style of project management. In your country, too, there are people with such psychological problems that try to build a totalitarian business and even personal relationships. How would you react to the opinion of a Russian or any other foreigner who would come to a conclusion on this sick handful of Norwegians about the whole nation?

Normal Russians have long left GOLOS, go to Stimit. The group of almost 200 people is described here -

hello hello friend today I was able to read your message. It is very interesting to know that exixte a page sweet and that is better than steemit.ya I am prepared to welcome the Russians who wish to migrate to steemit.
Finally my good friend I invite you to read my post I know you like it, also share with friends and family. Please give me up vote and comment. Remember together we can help each other

Самый экзальтированный голосянин @fyrstikken первым сделал простую и понятную вещь. Он перенес дискус с местной элитой на другую площадку.

Немногочисленные друзья голосяной элиты на этот вызов отвечать побоялись: за пределами Голоса они не чувствуют себя уверенными.

Доводы ответивших норгу свелись к угрозам привлечения к суду за оскорбления женщины в Интернете (sic!) и еще другим, разбитым вдребезги как самим Фирстикином, так и сведущими голосянами.

Если критики команды Голоса сделают из прецедента верные выводы, то они также перенесут дискус на посторонние площадки.
Там, вдали от флагов и пиксельного спама друзей "основателей Голоса" и перед глазами неангажированной публики перед ними открывается успешное будущее.

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Wao so nice keep it up

Nice post ) Thanks a lot @fyrstikken=)