Removing Distractions from Your Environment

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Pick a work space that works for you. Figure out where you’ll be doing most of your work, and make it the best environment for limited distraction. It’s especially important to have a dedicated space for work that’s different from the one where you relax.
This may be the library, a coffee shop, your local bookstore, or a home office.

Download an app to avoid phone distraction. Smartphones are usually the black holes that suck up all of our time and attention. Of course, there’s an app for that! Quickly download whichever app sounds like it will best address your particular procrastination problem.
AppDetox is the best choice for quick fixes.
Yelling Mom allows you to set a time for the app to start nagging you to start something.
Procraster prompts you to identify the source of your procrastination and then gives you advice about the problem.
A simple timer app can also be used to designate how long you intend to work and then how long your break will be. When the timer goes off switch tasks quickly and stick to your plan.

Use a program or browser add-on to avoid internet distraction. If constant browsing is your biggest issue, download an application to address your internet addiction. There are a variety of programs available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. If you have more self-control, set a timer before you go on time-wasting websites and get back to work when it rings.
For all devices and operating systems, try Freedom.
For Mac, Self-Control allows you to block a list of websites during times you’re supposed to be working. And it’s free!
For Windows, go with Cold Turkey. It's free, but to get the best features, it costs a one time fee of about $20.
For free options, choose StayFocused for Chrome browsers or LeechBlock for Firefox.

Remove your phone from the space if you need to. If you can’t handle being in the same space as something that’s going to tempt you, address that problem by keeping it in another room or turning it off. This also goes for other screens, including iPads, kindles, or even computers.
If you need to keep your phone on for family or work-related reasons, turn off all your notifications except for texts and/or calls.

Listen to music without lyrics. Many people struggle to work and stay focused in a completely silent room. But if you are listening to music with lyrics, you’ll almost certainly get distracted by the words. Switch to a white-noise machine or instrumental music

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