Check out the recent "Blockchain Activity" Google Assistant agent image updates!

3년 전

Updated the Blockchain Activity Google Assistant images

Check out the following images, it'll give you an insight into the recent changes being performed to improve the quality of the Blockchain Activity Google Assistant agent.

As new coins are added to I'll need to add new high quality images to match them.

Does anyone have any comment on the following images? Anything incorrect?


Interested in trying out the bot?

Say: "Ok Google, talk to Blockchain Activity"

Or: Visit the Google Assistant page to find out more info!

Try it out, see if you can break it or try to think of how it can be improved.

Have any questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to reply below!

Best regards,

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A great job from google. I believe that google always serves the best. But we need to rate this app. Only four persons gave reviews.



50:50 split between either 5 stars or 1 star 🤔😂

Another great update....!!!!
Google assistant team want to make it more effective and easy for use....

Yes , there is effective development.

thật tuyệt vời khi nó rẽ ràng sử dung hơn nhờ trợ lý google

Google helped us a lot. I have a lot of faith in Google. It is said that all the webside except google are inaccessible. I am expressing your post. Very well written. Thank you very much for sharing the post among us

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