New Google bowser will warn you if your searches are not good



Google officially announces a renewal of its search engine, known as the Google search engine, which will now offer you tips to improve your search when it does not offer good results.

Currently, one of the search engines both online and mobile users' favorite is the Google search engine, however, it does not always offer ideal results, although it certainly leads the way in front of other search engines such as: Mozilla, Opera and / or bing, Windows Explorer.

Google renews its search engine


If we ask you on a scale of 1 to 10, what is the "best search engine" ?, your Google answer will surely be irrefutable, however, sometimes and as incredible as it may seem, it does not always offer good and accurate results.

That is why, now the Mountain View company has announced through its blog that it will offer a renewed and more committed vision with its users of its search engine.

Warning message and practical advice


Now, starting today and only for the USA. So far, at least, Google will display a new warning message to users to indicate when this search engine is unable to display any matches related to the search performed.

Additionally, Google mentions that this warning message will be accompanied by a series of "tips" to improve the search, although the company indicates that it hopes that these messages are not very constant.

Improvements and more improvements to your search engine


Finally, Google highlights that this is just one of many improvements that it has been integrating into its search engine, because as it points out it is able to understand what the user is looking for even when the written or spelled information of the form correct.

As we know Google has been in charge of continuously improving its search engine making it more effective for users, making it the preferred search engine for thousands of users both on the web and on Android sistem and iOS.

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