Remember About God's Eye From Fast and Furious, Bad News It Exists ! - {Doom of Privacy}

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Remember About God's Eye From Fast and Furious, Bad News It Exists !

We humans love our privacy and condemn every act or law which tries to diminish our privacy related concerns.
But worry not in this very technological era, as the new inventions and great things for the betterment of human life are being invented, evil systems and inventions are on the chart too..


I saw the Fast and Furious movie, some time ago, and I was mesmerized and stunned by the very state of the art Tracking system showed in the movie as "God's Eye". And as the name suggests It was literally the privacy killer of every human on this planets.. Using geotracking techniques, facial recognition procedures and by accessing surveillance cams from throughout the world A system so was diverse was created that finding current location of a victim was never so easy.. Just a search and voila.. The target user's private information in within the palm of your hands..

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I was very much frightened due to the thought that God's Eye might actually exist in the real world.. According to my assumptions, that system is feasible but in a much forward time where we will have sufficient technology to build up a system like that..

But How wrong was I, with a little observations I got to know all the required things for that system or even a better system are already available to the humans and human's nature will do anything to get the upper hand..!


We live in a world where everyone prioritize peace and in the pursuit of gaining peace we have made the shells of death, the killers of privacies, and conspiracies of doom.. All of this for world's peace..!



Okay Let's count the ingredients for making the deadliest weapon in the World..!

  • We need Active geotracking with much much precise results and minimum lag.
  • We need a facial library of almost every damn person On earth..
  • We need access to all the surveillance cams in the world.
  • And we need artificial Intelligence, for advance face tracking..

Okay now lets talk about them one by one..!

Precise Geo-Tracking -


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`Many years ago, GPS was introduced to the public, we all thought of it as an evolutionary invention which will revolutionize whole Technology industry and will contribute in so many areas of human life.. But what we didn;t thought was the negative aspects of this technology..

Almost every phone in the world has GPS in it, a phone without GPS isn't considered a smartphone.. And the largest maps and location hosting company Is GOOGLE providing it's users with state of the art applications to get the most out of GPS.. It is even tracking you in Airplane mode, moreover the moment you connect to internet it uploads all your locationary information to GOOGLE headquarter...

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But That is just one side of the coin, Google is actually tricking you into leaking your vary sensitive private data..
Even when your device GPS is off, your location is still being tracked and shared to the Google Heap Office, don't believe me here is the video proof..:



Google is Invading your privacy anonymously and through our resources it has also been confirmed that they have partnership with Military, providing them with sensitive user information..


Facial Library-


What would be more frightening to know that your facial features and your facial Identity, is being shared with Military and Secret services..



Not only that, more that billion unique faces have been stored in the form of algorithm which is secretly shared with the companies and organizations that can use that data against you and Humanity..!

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We all are well aware of the Mobile Social app "Snapchat", the one we mostly use to become animals even after acknowledging the fact that humans are way better.. But what we do not know is that this and these kind of apps are your privacy killer..


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Whenever you register your face first time in snapchat it immediately scans and stores it in the form of algorithm.. Not only that, your physical sensitive information is then distributed among different secret organizations..


Authorization to Global Surveillance Cams -

Well lads, come on if you still think the world isn't that advanced that it would be impossible for a secret intelligence company to access the cams for a specific search and target purpose. China is already doing or at least committing it's doings.. China surveillance system is so advanced that they facially recognizes each and every civilian and keep a track record of them still, china has nearly killed local privacy of it's civilians, by embracing state of the art tracking features into their surveillance systems..!

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Moreover systems like Shodan are leaking sensitive information about every CCTV camera and Devices connected to internet and are vulnerable to cyber attacks.. Such a cold world it is..!

So take a look at this horrible system China has made, in which nothing is hidden..



See, it is even more frightening than the God's Eye, and it is just on thing in our list.. All of these nasty quirks combined can give an organization to rule over the world because when you know prevail upon someone's privacy you rule upon their lives..!


Adcanced AI {Artificial Intelligence} -

Over the past decades we have seen enormous growth in software markets, and we will continue to see this growth because software development have no limits.. but the most revolutionary step in this era of computers is Artificial Intelligence, a program capable of improving itself overtime like life.. And nowadays AI technology is progressing so rapidly and is being used so commercially that the future world will totally depend upon it.


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Todays AI is capable if intuition, observing and hypothesizing and improving itself just like a regular life..

For an instance Dota 2 the most famous online game on the face of the Internet used AI bots to beat its best players.. They just let the AI bot roam freely and learn by themselves, and just after 6 months or so, the AI bots became so good that no professional player stood a chance against them.. Have a Look :


In case of World's deadliest weapon.. The AI may just be performing the most vital role.. Advanced facial recognition need some deep adaptations, and some serious Artificial Intelligence.. That is where AI come into actions, today's AI can trace faces and can make a 3D render of that face and then can use that render to search the victim..

Here take a look at God's Eye in Action :


Frightening isn't it..!

Conclusion :

We already have much advanced technology than needed for the production of God's Eye, then why the hell this technology won't be present in our Society.. This privacy killer device is being used by many secret organizations and secret intelligence agencies.. They are only hiding it from us just to make us feel less terrible in this awfully terrible world..

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If by the slightest chance this system isn't yet invented by the nations then without a doubt it is under construction.. Or should I say the catastrophe of mankind is Near..!

So What are your thoughts on this, feel free to express them in the comment section below and don't forget to resteem and upvote this post If liked.. We need to make this news public before our privacy becomes public..!


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