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Price Analysis, October 28 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin

n Here you go.n

Now More Than 120 Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

n The number of crypto hedge funds continues to explode, with more than 120 dedicated hedge funds now active, seeking to catch the wave of growth.n

South Korea to Regulate Bitcoin as Commodity, Says Bank of Korea Governor

n During the audit of Bank of Korea by the National Assembly, its governor claimed that digital currencies like Bitcoin cannot be regarded as money based on the definition of the Bank of International Settlements. Find out more.n

Japanese Conglomerate SBI Group Launches Eight Cryptocurrency-Based Businesses

n Find out which eight businesses are being launched by Japanese SBI Group.n

Chinese Might be Able to Trade Bitcoin Again Soon

n Wouldl you believe that people in mainland China could trade and exchange Bitcoin againn

Bill Miller Has 30 Stake in Bitcoin, Sees Adoption as Key to Success

n Famous Wall Street investor Bill Miller has revealed that he invested 30 percent of his funds assets into Bitcoin in early 2016 and has posted 72 percent gains in 2017.n

Lebanese Central Bank Governor Criticizes Bitcoin as Unregulated Commodities

n At the opening ceremony of the 7th Corporate Social Responsibility Lebanon Forum in late October 2017, Lebanese central bank Governor told that the bank bans the use of cryptocurrencies across Lebanon due to their resemblance of commodities.n

Vietnamese Central Bank Bans Cryptocurrencies

n Based on the new monetary law issued by Vietnam's central bank, Bitcoin and other virtual cryptocurrencies are already considered as illegal and their use will be prohibited in the country.n

Worse Than Tulips Enduring Misconceptions About Crypto Assets

The authors of a new book explain what mainstream financial pundits still don't grasp about this space even if the markets are starting to get it.

The Basics on FACTS A New Model for Compliant ICOs

Must ICOs choose between a non-compliant utility token or a complaint security token that doesnt work in commerce Jaron Lukasiewicz proposes a fix.

This is How Hedge Funds Use Artificial Intelligence

n AIHedge Funds millions in your pocketn

FidentiaX Develops Worlds First Tradeable Insurance Marketplace

People will soon be able to buy and sell insurance policies using the blockchain-based platform, fidentiaX, which is creating the world&8217s first tradeable insurance marketplace. Note This is a press release. Most people do not know that insurance policies with cash value are tradeable on the market for higher returns. In 2014 alone, $57 billion 250,000 policies of the estimated $112 billion USD of policies lapsed and surrendered could have been resold on the market.nRead MorenThe post Fid

Blockchain Retail Startup Pundi X Raises over USD 4 Million to Successfully Complete Pre-sale ICO

JAKARTA, Indonesia &8211 October 28, 2017 &8211 Pundi X, a blockchain startup that aims to make cryptocurrencies an enabler of ubiquitous cashless payment environments across South East Asia, has successfully closed its pre-sale ICO with a total of 3,148 ETH, 613 BTC and 250,040 XEM &8211 equivalent to 14,000 ETH or 4 million US Dollars &8211 raised from 615 investors. The full public Initial Coin Offering ICO will commence on November 20, 2017. Note ThisnRead MorenThe post Block

Broker-less Trading Platform Brings Perpetual Liquidity, Smart Options to Bitcoin

n The development of crypto prediction market with deep liquidity pool promises to bring professional trading to crypto-fiat exchanges, and liquidity in perpetuity.n

Price Analysis, Oct 26 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

n Check the hottest price review to find out whats going on in the marketn

Paypal Co-Founder Says Bitcoin is Underestimated, Compares to Gold

n Peter Thiel of PayPal fame believes Bitcoin will become a reserve currency, is world-changing.n

Indonesian Central Bank Continues Campaign Against Cryptocurrencies, Bans Bitcoin as Method of Payment

n Pronouncement by Indonesian central bank governor, Agus Martowardojo, against Bitcoin and its users is a clear warning.n

Dubai Hosts Government-Backed Graduation of Ethereum Blockchain Developers

n Dubai rolls out government program to train more Blockchain developers in the country.n

Intel Partners With Ledger to Introduce Cryptocurrency Holdings Storage System

n Ledgers Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System BOLOS will be integrated into Intels Software Guard Extension SGX secure storage product line.n

TokoBitcoin, BitBayar Shut Down Operations After Bank of Indonesias Bitcoin Ban

n According to Bitcoin exchange PT Bitcoin Indonesia CEO, the shutdown was due not to a direct intervention by the Bank of Indonesia but rather a voluntary decision by the companies.n

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