Alien threat - googlyeyes #1

2년 전

When I woke up today I found out that the city has been invaded by little, nasty aliens.

I'm currently being held hostage and locked in my room, but before they find out, I need to warn the mankind of the immense peril we're running into.

Despite the cuteness of their sparkly, googly eyes, BEWARE!

They're sly


They're curious


They have big noses


They're everywhere!


They speak a weird, creepy language that sounds like : "bwzzzzzzzzzbwzzzzzzbwzzzzz", so I couldn't catch everything, but as long as I understood they plan to exterminate the whole human race in order to estabilish a new alien-plant kingdom.

Apparently the aliens are even able to camuflage into into veggies and take control of human bodies by being eaten.

So, beware the food! My brother ate a liquorice stick and turned into a liquorice himself!


We don't have much time left, please spread the alarm!


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hahaha... wow... that's an adorable debut :D

I love the snouty one in the second image especially!!


Thank you! My favourite was actually this one: perplessità.JPG

But I forgot to upload the picture because it was in different folder.
This guy is the evil genius of the gang


Sticks and stones may break my bones.... but sticking googlyeyes on everything, will Never stop.

Awesome job ;)


Ahahahah! Thank you, warrkin :D

The small cactus, really looks like an alien creature with a big nose !!!! :D
This googlyeyes craze looks like a lot of fun !!!

That third one looks sharp ;)

My kid loves those googling eyes, he glues them everywhere!


He should join the contest then!

Great post. Thanks for it ;-)


Thank you for reading :)


you are really creative, I like it


Thank you zafar :)

Hahhah....truly creepy! I will make sure to have my cutlass ready!

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