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This past weekend I was blessed with three of my grand children for a visit at the farm. Mom and dad were away celebrating my sweet daughter-in-law's 39th birthday.
Game on...

We played games, went for walks, took pictures and "grammy cooked". By 8 o'clock, grammy needed a few aspirin and some down time. My shoulders ached from the whiffle ball game and it was time to chill out.

Knowing these little kittles weren't ready to sleep, so much excitement from being at the farm, I gave them a bag of #googlyeyes and told them to create whatever they wanted.

WOW! That was a trip. We laughed out loud, and enjoyed the fun until we could laugh no more.

Check this out #googlyeyes, you will be googled.😂😁😊😘








oweee love this fun...thanks #googlyeyes, live, love, laugh😁👍✌❤

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Hahaha... that's what happens when you put a bag of googlies in the right hands...

We laughed out loud, and enjoyed the fun until we could laugh no more.

Amazeballs with awesome sauce! Thanks for sharing the fun with us :D


Life is better with a bag of googly eyes in your pocket ;)


You got that right, the eyes have it!!👍😁


Oh man, did we laugh, there were eyes all over the place. What a fun and easy way to entertain children. It always amazes me how smart and creative my little ones are.
I am blessed!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my what big googlyeyes you have! :)


We had a blast with those silly eyes, laughed like crazy, the kids loved it!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you and you too. :)

What a really great idea! They sure came up with some good ones. :))


OMG! There were eyes everywhere, we laughed like crazy.
I am still coming across eyes, three days later. Hehe


I was wondering how long you would be still finding eyes.... :))

I'm still picking eyes off of everything. Every time I turn around, another set of eyes are looking at me.



amazing post, and the fun your babies are having with the spare eyes, is the best part... which I love very much! definitely you have received a parcel of var.sized items from aliexpress or such.... So I will be looking forward to more cool posts :=)

ps. i gave my vote to you.


Thanks so much, this is such a fun post to do and see others silly posts.
It's a laugh a minute.
Happy Thanksgiving !!