👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Buddy Björn - Things With Eyes Vol.66

2년 전

This is Björn,


and it's easy to see, that he's a jolly good fellow.


Buddy Björn #GooglyEyes Title Image eyebombing by @fraenk


Björn is always happy to see someone coming.

He really really enjoys having good company.


Buddy Björn #GooglyEyes Portrait Image eyebombing by @fraenk


And so he waits by the wayside for anyone to take a rest,

for anyone who'll spend a minute and stay for a while.


But since his brother went missing some months ago,

nobody dares to sit here, where they used to, anymore.


Buddy Björn #GooglyEyes Full Scenery Image eyebombing by @fraenk


Björn is trying to stay positive.

But he has already started talking to himself.


Buddy Björn #GooglyEyes Landscape Image eyebombing by @fraenk


Winter is coming and nobody wants to be outside.

But Björn only sees: Spring will come again!


... I hope his brother will return as well.



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even your imaginary friends

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Björn looks very happy! He is trying so hard to stay strong, everything will gonna be alright, Björn!


Oh yes! That's the mantra that will carry him through the valley of darkness which lies ahead ;)

Since he's as tough as a rock, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Awwww poor Bjorn. But he is a strong, cute guy! I feel like talking to him now :)
p.s. I like your photos @fraenk.. such pretty shots! :)

hahaha i love it! <3


heh... awesome sauce... I like your username... I bet you'd feel right at home with the lovely #GooglyEyes community... you should stop by some day.

If his brother appears again and he is not removed himself before, then his gaze is blocked and his mouth is closed.
Maybe he wants to see his brother again, the latte on which the people were sitting, he misses less. Otherwise he wouldn't be so happy after all?


Indeed Buddy Björn is half a bench, but the planks for sitting on actually go on top of his head, not in his mouth, so if his brother returns, he'll actually be facing him and he'll have someone to chat and joke around with any time... But yes, he mostly misses the company of his jolly brother, people sitting on his head probably not so much, although it's always interesting when he gets to listen in on what those humans talk about.

Heh... awesome, it doesn't happen too often that someone picks up on exactly the topic that I had in mind for the comments ;) That also means you've uncovered the hidden engagement-prize for talking about Björn's half-bench-y nature.

I'll power up 1 STEEM to an account of your choice. Usually I'd just send it to you directly, but given that you already have >2MVest, I thought maybe you'll want to see it going somewhere else? Let me know.


Oh wow, that's great. I really deserve that..If it is no joke now then...Mhm which person I choose...or better a community... The @videomacher support Steemians (you can also participate there) and 1 SP more is a helpful donation, from which I get in the end also something with an Upvote sometimes.


Sounds awesome! I've just powered up 1 STEEM to @videomacher!

My "Things with Eyes" always contain a hidden prize of some sort. Sometimes I'm more explicit, or more cryptic, sometimes it even goes completely unmentioned, like today... so yes... you totally deserve that, good engagement is hard to come by, and I'm stoked you chose a community-support-account to be the beneficiary :D


Thanks a lot @erniegreenhill ! The whole @videomacher community is thankful :) btw: I love this post about Björn!!

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What a character, @fraenk! :)))


heh... I know right :)

I also like the fact he's really easy to find, much more obvious to see IRL than my usual specimens, literally everyone who comes his way is going to give him at least a smile now ;)


Not that your current avatar is bad, @fraenk, but this one would make much better avatar :)

Hahaha, me encanta. Muchas gracias por compartir.


Gracias, pero si realmente te gusta algo, ¿por qué no votarías?

Ohh that's cute and hilarious!
keep flourishing.


Thanks... We need upvotes to flourish!

Btw, your dustbunny always makes me !sneeze


ewwwww... suddenly my nose feels itchy... !sneeze back


This user has already been infected! Sneezing at them again does not have any effect.

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I could have guessed :P

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