Googlyeyes Blast from the Past!

2년 전

I haven't posted alot on steemit - there's a ton of reasons for that, and I'm not going to write 'em all down, because, frankly, they sound like excuses. But, it's not because I've been quiet around here, that I haven't made any friends over the years on this blockchain.

@fraenk and @googlyeyes for one. Or two. They're the same guy - so when he asked for a pic of an old googlyeyes-post I made in 2017 (and I remember making and posting that pic as if it were yesterday), I had to do some digging in my archive. And lo and behold, I found "Goofy Gus" as well as some unposted experiments of my very first #googlyeyes. Not eyebombs, but still, some funny googlyeyes nonetheless!

So, here you go @googlyeyes, my very first dabblings in #googlyeyes, from 2017, a blast from the past, all yours!

Staplin' Stan:

Sunny Sal:

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They are fun and eye-catching :)

ahmahgerrrrrd... @marty-art :D what are my googlyeyes seeing here... I must be dreaming... or did someone put something in my coffee?!

I love Stan and his shiny buck-teeth. Sal's kinda cute, too... but... are those Suzie's eyes?!

Yeah, I remember, back in the day, I once wanted this to be a contest focused primarily on #eyebombing... but well... it's much better to not set any limits to creativity... I understand that now ;)


Hahaha, yeah, those must be Suzie's liver-damaged eyes :P

They were all I had available back then. It's weird, I remember making those pics and deliberately not posting them because they weren't actual eyebombs, and I didn't want to underwhelm the starting googlyeyes contest. They were like sketches instead of paintings, snapshots instead of Awesome Life Photographs. But I can safely show them now and be glad you like em :D

These are so fun. I just love the stapler.

They are cute @marty-art!
It's nice to see you around, why not to come and post new friends to us...

Love the Stapler!!! Ha!