Just looking for someone to turn him on GOOGLYEYES

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Sadly, he will never be turned on again. That's the mains power switch, and the fuses for the 220 Volt 40 Amp supply for an old Philip's EM430 Transmission Electron Microscope. Under optimum conditions he could resolve down to 0.22nm or so. He is now part of the indoor EM boneyard. Here is a picture of part of the optics column, with most of its lead ~0.5" thick shielding removed.


The two bronze crescents are where the Specimen Airlock and Goniometer was attached. In the background you can see many other TEM parts. There are still a few EM430s running in the world, and even more CM30s which came around about 15 years later in the late 80s or so. Many of the parts EM430 mechanical and lens components are compatible with the CMs.

For contrast, the most cutting edge high HRTEMs (High Resolution TEM) currently available can resolve down to about 0.058 nm. Those would include JEOL ARMs and FEI (Now Thermo Fisher) Titans.

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lol... nice pareidolia googlies :D

dude's completely baked out :P

I really wonder what kind of appliance he is, though.

ok, this post became MUCH more interesting after the edit

Aww poor EM430 you served well and made your place in history. Now you can sit back and laugh at the youngins taking over.

Haha what’s that? an oven? Surely it’s some of those scientist machines you love to be sourround of 👨‍💻
Funny one @roguescientist!
Much love to you!


Hahahaha. Indeed, well it can cook your ass if you dont watch out. I updated the post!


lol ... I was biased by the lack of info, I promise! Hahaha
You mean you’re able to make it work again?... I used one of those at the University but it was so restricted as if it was your federal reserve 👨🏻‍✈️👨🏻‍✈️
Anyways though my ass won’t get burnt I fired up my rewards lol


This one will never work again, but only because its a parts donor. I have made many of them work again. I have its little sister in the other room partially running, but I cannot give it the time it needs until late August.


I know I know you make them alive, amazing job that of yours... at least this one started to see things differently 😁

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