Winter is Here - At Last

11개월 전

Heavy is my heart as the finale of Game of Thrones etches closer and closer. I love to read and have always felt mixed feelings of anticipation with a touch of sadness when reaching the end of a story, but this ending of the Song of Ice and Fire series tugs a bit more on my heart.

On one bored day in my college years, I asked my cousin-in-law (good friend back then) if he had a good book he recommend reading. At the time, my preferred genre was Suspense, Thriller, with some Romance tossed in, and Dean Koontz being my favorite author. He lent me George R.R. Martin’s, A Game of Thrones. I didn’t read fantasy novels back then but well, I had nothing else to read.

What he did not tell me…

It took nearly 10 years for George R.R. Martin to come out with the first three books, with three more novels still to come!

I absolutely loved the story but pointed out to him ALL the time that he could have recommended a book with an ending. So we waited, and waited for the next installments. The years went by and he bought me a copy of Feast for Crows when it came out and I bought him a copy of A Dance with Dragons. We looked forward to the TV show even though the book is way more awesome (besides the point) because finally, an ending might be in sight.

His heart gave out too soon and he is not here to witness this grand finale. I missed him dearly at my wedding many many years ago as he was to be the best man but more so as this year brings an end to Games of Thrones because we shared the love for the story.

Winter is Here


Chi, the years passed by in a blink of an eye. Your nephew built this super snowman.

There are not many topics inspiring me enough to write these days but I thought it interesting to play the guessing game with @v4vapid’s GoT Contest: Who Will Die and Who Will Survive Episode 3. Afterall, Chi would have had a kick playing the guessing game with me on this one. I can imagine him picking Jon, being the instigator he was ❤️.

1.Jon SnowX
2.Daenerys TargaryenX
3.Arya StarkX
4.Sansa StarkX
5.Brandon StarkX
6.Tyrion LannisterX
7.Jamie LannisterX
8.Cersei LannisterX
9.Sam TarlyX
10.Brienne of TarthX
11.The Hound - Sandor CleganeX
12.Tormund GiantsbaneX
13.Theon GreyjoyX
14.Yara GreyjoyX
15.Euron GreyjoyX
16.Sir Jorah MormontX
17.Lyanna MormontX
20.Grey WormX
24.Bendrick DondarrionX
27.Yohn RoyceX
29.The Red Woman MelisandreX
30.The Mountain Gregor CleganeX
31.The Night KingX


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Would love if the damn author would finish those books!! :) They are really awesome. Meanwhile... following the TV show too!


These authors, don't they know we want instant gratification. Not years down the line! :) Enjoy the show this weekend!

Wow, welcome back and what a way to come back hot and smoking, winter is definitely here and my goodness what a hell of deaths in predictions, letz see how it goes


Hey there. Thanks for the welcome back! I think I saw a prediction post from you too. Will stop by and see what you think. It's going to be a sizzling show tomorrow. On fire! (some poor soul will literally be)


Hahaha let it definitely rain death, cheers lol let's see how it goes

I like that you shared a love of the series with your cousin-in-law Chi, and I'm sure he'd have fun guessing the ending as well. It's always sad to come to the end of a book that you love, it's bitter sweet. It's been agonizing waiting for Winds of Winter but I cannot imagine what it must be like to wait as long as you have! My god.
Good picks too, I wish you good luck!


I appreciate the thoughtful comment. The ending is bittersweet in many ways. I nearly lost hope that he would ever come out with Winds of Winter, but sounds like it is bound to happen. Let's hope he doesn't break it into two novels and wait years to release them...sigh.

Enjoy tomorrow's show! Chi would have guessed all the big characters, causing us to all debate it out, just as he loved to do. You are very sweet for taking the time to read my rambles.

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