GoT Contest: Who Will Die and Who Will Survive Episode 3 - The Battle for Winterfell? Make Your Predictions and Win STEEM.

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GOT - You Win Or You Die

Forget the "Red Wedding" of the current crypto market.
Winter is Here, as they say in the North. All eyes are on Game of Thrones Episode 3 of the final season which promises to deliver, by all accounts, a truly epic Battle for Winterfell.

The Night King's army of White Walkers advances on Winterfell, the home of the Stark clan. In true G.O.T. fashion, central characters will surely be killed off as their story lines reach completion.

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>>> Important: This is an Episode 3 Contest Only!!! <<<

The contest is specific to Episode 3 fatalities and is NOT concerned with anything beyond what happens in this episode.

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Who Will Fall at the Battle for Winterfell?


  1. Jon Snow
  2. Daenerys Targaryen
  3. Arya Stark
  4. Sansa Stark
  5. Brandon Stark
  6. Tyrion Lannister
  7. Jamie Lannister
  8. Cersei Lannister
  9. Sam Tarly
  10. Brienne of Tarth
  11. The Hound Sandor Clegane
  12. Tormund Giantsbane
  13. Theon Greyjoy
  14. Yara Greyjoy
  15. Euron Greyjoy
  16. Sir Jorah Mormont
  17. Lyanna Mormont
  18. Varys
  19. Davos
  20. Grey Worm
  21. Missandei
  22. Gilly
  23. Gendry
  24. Bendrick Dondarrion
  25. Bronn
  26. Podrick
  27. Yohn Royce (Knight of the Vale)
  28. Qyburn
  29. The Red Woman Melisandre
  30. The Mountain Gregor Clegane
  31. The Night King


  1. Drogon
  2. Rhaegal
  3. Viserion

    Night king icewall.gif

About the Contest

  • This contest is for fun and to build some additional excitement for the upcoming episode.
  • I tried to provide a comprehensive list of the remaining important characters, I probably have forgotten a couple, so please forgive me if I've missed any key players.
  • There may be some 'grey areas' where we do not know if someone survives or not - so please be prepared for that event - your patience will be much appreciated. (We may have to wait a little longer to be certain of the winners).
  • We're expecting an epic battle at Winterfell, but there may be additional battles (ie. at King's Landing). So, any casualties from the entire episode will be counted as well.
  • I reserve the right to call off the contest if Episode 3 is leaked before it's scheduled air time on April 28th.

daeny got.jpeg

Contest Rules

1) Must Resteem this announcement post to enter

2) Must have a reputation score of 50 or above

2) Participating account needs to have existed for at least 1 month

3) Must use the template provided (below)

4) Use an "X" to make your selections for episode 3 (Lives/Dies)

5) Must create a separate post to enter

6) Must use the lead tag: "got-contest"

7) Post and predictions must be submitted before 7pm EDT on April 28th, 2019

the hound dumb bitch.gif

Time Zones

Episode 3 will air on HBO at 9PM EDT on April 28th, 2019, MAKE SURE TO POST YOUR PREDICTIONS at least 2HRS EARLY.





Example of Template

Do Not Copy

This is what your selections will look like when you copy the markdown from the following section and paste it into your post. Be sure to delete the 2 lines in parentheses ("remove this space").

1.Jon SnowX
2.Daenerys TargaryenX
3.Arya StarkX
4.Sansa StarkX
5.Brandon StarkX
6.Tyrion LannisterX
7.Jamie LannisterX
8.Cersei LannisterX
9.Sam TarlyX
10.Brienne of TarthX


The scoring is straight forward.
1 point for each correct answer from the 34 names with a maximum score of 34.


I'm putting up 40 STEEM for the contest.

Highest Score out of 34

Top Prize - 20 STEEM

2nd Prize - 9 STEEM

3rd Prize - 6 STEEM

Bonus - 5 STEEM Runner Ups

Bonus - Upvotes for Nice Posts ;)


Copy directly below and delete lines (in parentheses)

Number | Name | Lives | Dies
(remove this space)
(remove this space)

  1. | Jon Snow | |
  2. | Daenerys Targaryen | |
  3. | Arya Stark | |
  4. | Sansa Stark | |
  5. | Brandon Stark | |
  6. | Tyrion Lannister | |
  7. | Jamie Lannister | |
  8. | Cersei Lannister | |
  9. | Sam Tarly | |
  10. | Brienne of Tarth | |
  11. | The Hound - Sandor Clegane | |
  12. | Tormund Giantsbane | |
  13. | Theon Greyjoy | |
  14. | Yara Greyjoy | |
  15. | Euron Greyjoy | |
  16. | Sir Jorah Mormont | |
  17. | Lyanna Mormont | |
  18. | Varys | |
  19. | Davos | |
  20. | Grey Worm | |
  21. | Missandei | |
  22. | Gilly | |
  23. | Gendry | |
  24. | Bendrick Dondarrion | |
  25. | Bronn | |
  26. | Podrick | |
  27. | Yohn Royce | |
  28. | Qyburn | |
  29. | The Red Woman Melisandre | |
  30. | The Mountain Gregor Clegane | |
  31. | The Night King | |
  32. | Drogon | |
  33. | Rhaegal | |
  34. | Viserion | |

jon got.jpg

Have Fun Making Your Predictions and I Hope You're Looking Forward to the Conclusion of the Series as Much as I am.


"All Men Must Die"

faceless man11.gifcersei cold.gif

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Joining you and adding 20 steem for the winners! This is a great idea man. I would do my prediction post but I actually want someone else to win :P

Didn't know you're a Got fan.

Glad I saw this post before the chapter release. I'ma be sleeping cause I'm in Europe but like every Monday Soo far, when I wake up at around 8 you already know what I'll be doing.


I appreciate it that very much, really generous of you!
I couldn't watch it either until about an hour ago...crazy episode!
Some big surprises in this one... wow. I gotta watch it again, right now.
I'm a huge GoT fan Books and TV series.
Maybe I'll create another GoT contest to follow up as there was such a positive response and there are plenty of fans here.
Thanks again, enjoy the episode!


Those will definitely get a lot of response as more and more people hear about them! For the season finale that will be sick, and the Cersei battle also will be a good time for predictions haha.

Spoilers ahead

I liked the episode, didn't feel forced at all, just the fact that it was too dark. Altough it lacked the Martin factor (too many characters have plot armor, almost nobody died) but I think that's just because if there was a lot of deaths now, then who's left to die with Cersei? I think D&D are saving the big deaths for the last battle (I hope so, otherwise it will lose that GoT flavour of "nobody is safe in the race for the throne")

I read Tuff Voyaging and Sandkings when I was younger, then I started watching game of thrones roughly 4 years ago and I liked it so much I got the aSoIaF books so I'm also a big fan, I really wish he finished the books before kicking it.


Hi, Ed! I've been a quiet but avid fan for years. Good to see you on Steem @theouterlight! Do you think you'll ever try streaming on @vimm? If you want any help with that dApp, talk to me. I can show you around :)


Is ED in here?


I dunno... you'd have to ask @theouterlight there...

< shrugs glamorously >


OH SHIT! This is hilarious, thanks for the laughs, lol.


It always makes me want some Nilla Wafers.

Thanks for the inspiration to write. It will be sad to see some favorite characters killed off but George R.R. Martin did say many favs will die at the end.

What about the Wolves?

What's your opinion guys?!?


I knew I'd forget something...which wolves are still alive anyways? Haven't seen them in ages.


I don´t know how many too, I think only 2 of them are alive. Arya's wolf who is living in the wild and has an entire pack with her. And on the teaser/trailer of episode 3 we see a wolf of the walls of Winterfell...

Friend excellent contest for us lovers of this great series, or not only for us but also insensitive to other people to see it, greetings.

This is my ticket to the contest

I have no idea who will live or die, but I will make an entry with a lot of guesses :p Cool idea 😉

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Nice initiative v4vapid to entice the Game of Thrones fans to become involved in something exciting to them here on steemit.

I'd give it a try, but have not followed the series (only saw short clips online) The show appears to have been well produced, and I certainly see why it became so popular.

Best of luck to you and all participants.

OMG!!! I can't wait till this weekend!! I'm so excited to enter your contest already ;)

Knowing how deaths are unpredictable in Got this will be tough, one but I ll also try my luck in it.

And yes, I'm also excited for the series conclusion, tho the downside is that will be hard to find a series as worthwhile after it ends. But oh well.

Cheers for the contest. ... My entry is here the battle of episode 3 will last long till episode 5 just my own view

Here are my predictions, because I don't think the battle will be over in 1 episode.


Officially, the first entry! Good to get it in early - good luck to you!


Hopefully, I won't be disappointed with the outcome of Episode 3.

Never even watched it.


Really? It's a great show... I got hooked on the book series as well :)


Yep, not a single minute of it, for me, a TV is a diversion from real life, I take no comfort from it or news, just like I no longer watch football or soccer as you might say.

I now revert to type and read more, and make things, the days of watching are over for me, the world is a mess, politics is crumbling, time to make something better, or die trying.


Same here, GoT is one of my few indulgences in pop-culture. I haven't owned a TV in 2 decades and rarely watch sports. I certainly prefer reading and learning about various interests online and offline.


Online is my major flaw I think at times, as when I walk around our fields, the world is serene, when I come online, I absorb everyone's anger, at the way the world is, Balance I guess is the key my friend.

Pfffffft, too much work.

Jamie dies.

My last moment entry. Now I'm going to get my tissues out and slowly get ready for this episode. Thank you @v4vapid for this!

I see now that somehow my list didn't come out's all sliders! I have no clue how this happened... So will try to fix it now.

OK, somehow, on Steempeak it comes out OK for me, but not for others...(you can only see the crosses of who lives. I will just write underneath my list who dies in my opinion, as I can't seem to get this fixed. Sorry).

I do not think anyone will survive. I believe the world will be destroyed and annihilated by the white walkers.

I forgot to say, but if I won anything, you can send to blocktrades-help (blocktrades account does an auto-refund).


No worries, will do. Congrats on the win!
And I'll send out the winnings to blocktrades-help once we get confirmation on the dead from next episode ;)
Enjoy the show!


Thanks, and cool idea for a contest. I don't enter many, but I couldn't resist this one.


@blocktrades this is to inform you that I did n't recieve my coin via your Exchanges.
Could you please help me ?


Please file a support request using our web site for assistance.

Man i would've loved to enter, but i am new...may the best man win!

I have never watched this tv show but I will take a guess. Let's see... I pick number 22 - Gilly. :D


alright, but if you want your answers to be included in the contest you need to check the contest rules and make a separate post ;)


Sorry, my fault, I didn't read that. :D

I hope I made the correct predictions.
They the ones that you don't agree with me

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I think Greyworm and Missandei will die on ep03.


Could happen, if you want to make an official entry with a chance to win some Steem check the details in the post and good luck!

Tyrian Lancaster. dead as a doorknob!

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What about Tyrion Lannister, will he die too?

awesome contest dude! This is way better than socces predictions and I happy filled it out and already stocking popcorn for this epic episode!

@v4vapid, Really interesting contest and in my opinion Game Of Thrones became very interesting topic on Steem Blockchain.

Kindly find my submission below for this contest.

Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

Here's my entry My Entry for GoT Contest: Who Will Die and Who Will Survive Episode 3
Can't wait to see who got it right :) Good luck everyone!

I kind of hope we start seeing the White Walkers get killed the next episode!


Surely, it's going to happen!
I just found out that there are only 6 episodes for season 8!
So, we're almost already at the halfway point, wtf. However, the next 4 episodes will be 80 minutes long on average.

Here are my predictions. Great contest by the way. I wanted to know why the leader of the golden company was left out? Harry Strickland is now arguably a major character. I think he will survive this episode anyway.

Not even watching it as I plan to watch it in one go #itsworthit. Anyway, good luck to the participants of this contest.

Hi, im not have 50 reputation, but im a big fan of the show. I can join in?

Resteemed and entered

If someone dies and they are resurrected it should count as a death. Turning into a zombie or pulling a Jon Snow does not count as living in my opinion.

Theon Greyjoy and wildlings will die first as there part of the play is over these characters do not have any precise role left.

You could use dpoll for this

Oh would love to join but the rules seem complicated. 😁 Good luck to the contestants! 👍👍👍

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

LMAO..... after watching the show, I'de be surprised if anyone won this.

I never watched a single episode of it @v4vapid
I don't even game now :/


You should check it out or read the books, both are excellent.

lol little did you guys know that not a single main character would die. this season was a complete let down:(

Damn, sad i missed out this one, would have loved to enter, but maybe there is going to be another one xD? Something like who will be living at the end of S08E06 or the season finals @ E 08 :DD ?^^