My Graduation day!

3년 전

Hello everyone its been too long since my last blog, bcoz too busy preparing for our big day, our graduation day. The long wait is finally over, IMG_20180602_084708.JPG IMG_20180601_114626.JPG. After 4 years I can finally say I made it. It's not easy for me to be a mother, a student and a provider for my children. Perseverance is my only sword through all of the struggles. IMG_20180530_124859.JPG.IMG_20180601_114739.JPG.IMG_20180531_173910.jpg.IMG_20180601_114822.JPG. IMG_20180531_194841.JPG. IMG_20180531_194737.JPG. IMG_20180531_194656.JPG. IMG_20180531_185318.JPG. IMG_20180531_194929.JPG. IMG_20180601_124944.jpg. IMG_20180601_114658.JPG. IMG_20180531_194948.JPG. I recieve a diploma with bonus award, ourtstanding performance in arts. Dream came true! because its not the end there, I have also recieve text from STI COLLAGE CALAMBA, I pass my demonstration teaching to them and they want me to be part of their team as a MAPEH teacher. I am very blessed to have all this blessing. Thank you lord for everything, thank you for giving me those people who always been there to support, guide, trust and love me in every step that I've made. I will do my best to give them back all the support that they gave to me. Im sharing this to all of my steemians family bcoz i want to inspire you all to pursue your dreams. Just put god first in our heart and mind. And he will provide everything that we deserved.

May God bless us all. 😇😇😇

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Wow, this was really a big achievement, you were very lucky that you can have a job right away. Good luck in your teaching, hope all goes well.

I was also waiting for my graduation day, hope I can also have work right away.


I know you can too just pray to our god and im sure he will

What joy! Congratulations.

Congratulations teacher Kylene! This is just the beginning of a greater opportunities that lies ahead out there. Keep it up!


Thank you sir fycee for always supporting my blogs..😇 yes this is the beggining of the real world of teaching. Goodluck to me hehehe