Gradwaiting feels.

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Hello guys my steemians family I'm back ๐Ÿ˜‰ its been too long since my last blog. There so many things happen last few weeks. IMG_20180508_120012.jpg. IMG_20180508_120114.jpg. IMG_20180508_120035.jpg. IMG_20180508_120046.jpg. IMG_20180508_120123.jpg. IMG_20180508_120143.jpg. IMG_20180508_120203.jpg. IMG_20180508_120050.jpg. IMG_20180508_120235.jpg. IMG_20180508_120216.jpg. IMG_20180508_124908.JPG. Charaaaannnn my narrative.. Almost two weeks of sleepless nights for the sake of my narrative.. Now were just waiting for our graduation day. #gradwaiting feels.

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Congratulations teacher @elizah

It feels good isn't it? The start of your real journey begins! This is the real tougher life that we all need to take. Being independent. Show the whole world and your students how you will responsibly take those challenges so at least the kids who looked upon you will have something for them to think about. :)

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Thank you sir fycee I will do my best to be a good role model to my future students. Knowledge, perceverance and faith are the key to success.