GRAND CANYON - A 4k Time Lapse Film - Ninja Cut

9개월 전

I spent 12 days floating the Grand Canyon and brought enough batteries to keep 3 time lapse cameras clicking away the entire time. I really wanted to share its majesty with you. I truly hope you enjoy!

You can also check out a longer more meditative cut I edited from the same shots here:

If you like what you see please consider following me and/or up-voting it so I can get some funds to create more like it! Also would love to hear your thoughts on how these films turned out. Thank you so much for your time!

If you like the music on the ninja cut please help support the artist! -

Update: Thank you all so much for your comments and support! I have a ton of new content I will be releasing on Steemit. All of your positive support has really fired me up to get it edited and online for your viewing pleasure! Until then perhaps you might enjoy some of my ice tkmelapses I snow a few years ago-

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These are awesome. Working in TV we're always looking for new time lapses and beauty shots. This is ranking right up there with some of the best!

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Extreme! Love your work man. Looks so good on my 1080 screen, wonder how it would look on a UHD.

I think I could be watching this all day! This is beautiful, you did an awesome job

That is beautiful Daniel! Can I ask if this is first posted in youtube? or in your site? Just curious though. Anyway you did a very good job here bro.


Hi LordPotato, so glad you enjoy it! I first posted this to youtube then to steemit. I need to get it up on my web site still. If you want to check my website heres is the link-


That's awesome. Hey bro, I recommend you to do an intro post. You produce not only good but excellent content it might help you to get better rewards.


Ok cool I will look into that. Thanks for your advice amigo!


proud of you :D

very interesting movie, develop your skil mu @cinemaninja skil. and we continue to support you. warm greetings from antonysteem.


Your support is greatly appreciated!

A great video. It would be nice to be there and take a video while traveling in this beautiful place. I upvoted your writing. I hope you will continue to share such beautiful post from now on. Thanks @cinemaninja


Yes indeed I cant believe how fortunate I was to spend some time there. I had to work hard so that I could share it with people who might never get out to see it. Its kinda a Karma thing I suppose.

This is amazing. I'm glad you took time to create this. This is one of those places I really want to visit in the future but until then i'll have to watch videos and images that people like yourself produce. Thanks again.


Thank you, so happy you enjoy it. Thats exactly why I made this, so that people who might never be able to get out to see it can at least get some sense for how amazing it really is.

So awesome. Those timelapses are incredible. That's a ton of work to do. Congrats!


Thank you JF! Greatly appreciated!

This is incredible! I can’t imagine all of the time and effort it took to make this, but I bet it was fun too! :)


Thank you! Yes it was indeed so fun to make. I truly love what I do for a living.

Nive video and good editing!


Thanks appreciate it!

Dang, that's awesome!!! You must have had such a great time filming it. I hope you brought a jacket or two as it can get a little cold out there. Worth it though, as your video can attest!


Thank you so glad you enjoy. Yes it was indeed such a fun time making this! It did get a bit chilly down there, but was in shirts and t-shirt most of the time. Hope to get back there again some time in the future! Cheers!

That is amazing. I love timelapses. please make more of this :) Followed !

OHHH this is so beautiful!!! If you like to watch interesting content I invite you to follow me and vote. Regards! :D


Thank you! will do!


Hehe, thats funny:) and thank you!


Hell, i've watched a LOT of timelapse videos. And i mean a LOT. And this is by far and away in the top 5 of all that i've seen. They way you alter the speed of pan across the sky is just a great innovation.

May I ask what slider rail you are using? I've been building my own for a while now but wondering if it's just worth purchasing one myself as i'm keen to get into creating my own stuff.


Hi Mark, thank you so much for your comment, so glad you enjoy my work! Your asking the right man about gear:) I have used all sorts of sliders from almost every company out there. I think my favorite one for travel right now is the dynamic perception stage one (link below). If I have a shoot that I can bring my truck to I use the dynamic perception stage zero as you just cant beat how solid it is, and you can make it really long by buying slabs of 80/20 on amazon for it. Making your own slider would be a fun challenge, but might not be worth your time. A cheep way to go would be to buy the stage one kit form dynamic perception and then get the 80/20 rail for it on amazon.

Hope that all helps and let me know if you have any more questions! Love to nerd out on gear.


Im pretty much there on getting my own slider working. The great thing is that i can program it to do whatever i want

Has links to the first 4 bits and the last bit i did was

Need to get my arse in gear and finish it off but steemit is taking all my time right now :)

wherever i see the term 4K in movies, then that is definitely best movie for me in terms of quality and content both


lol litterally zoned out to it.. i loved it!!!


Yes! Thank you, comments like these are precisely why I make these films:)

Amazing shots! Great posts man! Keep it up! :D

That is so great
Good Job :D.

vaoov really great, very impressive

Excellent post, very well articulated. thank you so much.

More than happy to upvote, follow, and express my appreciation. These are amazing!

Much respect for the work and dedication involved.


Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate your support!

Wow I have always wanted to go there based on the pictures but I've never seen anything that captures a sense of the spirit of the place like that. I cannot even begin to imagine the work that this takes to put together. Thank you.

It is a tiny detail but I just adored those little red flowers opening and that change of light across them right at the end. It felt luck such an intimate detail for an enormous landscape like that. Love that.

wooow i relly like ur pote

Gorgeous footage, glad to see more photographers / cinematographers on here!


Thank you sir! Ya I really hope steemit takes over youtube and vimeo for video content. I really love blockchain technology and was so stoked to hear about steemit a week or so ago. In fact, steemit it really motivated me to get this grand canyon edit finalized!

Nice job, this is really creative and inspiring thanks for this

What a great place ! Great pictures. Resteem to my German community !


Awesome thank you for Resteeming !

This is very great work!!!
You made 6 min of timelapse video. This is so mutch work ...... RESPECT!!

From my drem places I made timelapse in Japan. Wish to visit USA and GRAND CANYON soon too and make a timelapse movie!

Big UP for you and wating to see more :)

Absolutely incredible work! I'm curious about your time lapse setup for the rotation shots. I've never seen a pan, rotate twist like that before. Very cool effect

OMG! This is a true natural miracle! :D

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Cool this is awesome news and great info. Thanks!

one of THE coolest posts on steemit! awesome ;')


Awww thank you that means so much to me!

I am in awe. You are very talented.

that's really spectacular, I really like the moments when you can see the stars and the canyon at the same time.

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What an amazing view! I would like to visit there now... add the place to my bucket list!

Great share. I liked it.

Please follow back if you like my feed. Let's grow together.


This shots are amazing. Both videos are so on point. Thank you for sharing.


Glad you enjoy Jannes! I spent a ton of time in post on this one.

Wow! Very nice! Very beautiful!


My pleasure!
Follow to see more beautiful post.

Awesome job! So calming... Thanks!


So happy I could provide you with some calm:)


Thank you<3

so beautiful!! congrats on the images, worth it for sure

These videos are absolutely stunning! I'm planning to make a trip from Salt Lake City to southern Utah and northern Arizona within the coming week, and your videos have only fueled my hype for the adventure. Keep doing and sharing what you do!


Awesome! I wish you safe travels! I love Utah so much, I have filmed a ton of time-lapses there as well. You should check out Sedona AZ if your in the zone, SUCH a beautiful and awesome place. If your interested check out some of my old utah timelapses (I have a bunch of new ones to make another video out of:) -

Really liked this man good stuff!


Thank you Mr. Carface :)

Wow that's amazing next time take me with you cinemaninja
With love
Abstract Artist


Many Thanks!

Great shots! Did you camp out there? where did you stay? I'm looking to visit in the spring. Can't wait.


Thanks glad you dig them. We did a 12 day raft trip down the grand camping in tents as we went. I also did a separate trip where we camped right on the rim of the grand where the little Colorado meets the big. Then we hiked down to Havasu Falls and camped there for 3 days. That place is SO epic!

Holy Wow! Thank you!! voted resteemed and following! JUST BEAUTIFUL <3


Many thanks for your support!

These are spectacular! Great work!

Upvoted and followed! amazing footage! :D


Thank you for your support amigo !

Oh my god! It is very beautiful! I love it!

Hi, great greetings to @curie, my vote is already insured for @curie in the, I would be very grateful to you if you could count on your vote in my publication I know you will like it, it is a good interpretation of a very famous comiquita, thank you very much in advance. Good night.

Breathtaking timelapse. Awesome!


haha thats hilarious, thank you!

This post is super....
I really like it...Thanks for shareing..


Thanks you amigo!


Thanks I will try my best!


You're welcome @cinemaninja! How are you liking it on #Steemit?

thats amazing i wish i filmed that

Great video, very atmospheric :)
It positively reminds me of the time lapse videos of this guy:


I have seen this guys work, its been a big inspiration to what I do! Such awesome stuff, honored to have my work considered to be similar.

Que buen post, felicidades.

This is epic. Can you share what kind of equipment you used?


Hi Drom, glad you like it. I used the canon 5d4 and the sony a7s. I had one Emotimo Spectrum and the short carbon fiber rino rail with emotimo motor conversion. With the short rino rail you can mount it on one tripod in the center (as long is its a burly tripod:) I use really right stuff tripods and heads, they can notn be beat. I kept the cameras running with 15 or so IDX vmount batteries with dummy cable connectors running from dtap to the cameras.


Thanks! Great job btw

Hi I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good. I am new to steemit plz help me

Hi @cinemaninja

I appriciate that you took the time to share your vision of somthing beautiful :) Its so much we humans will never experienc, but one thing is for sure the beauty on this planet is amazing, nice work with both the ninja cut and meditation cut :) keep posting.

Regards @meldesixym

Wow! Great job and killer images. I've had some friends float there and they all come back saying they are a changed person for better for experiencing this awesome treasure. Thanks for sharing and now following ya!


Ya that place really makes an impression on your soul. Its so peaceful down there!

This is epic... I antici the next project beyond this


Thank you, I have a few things up my sleeve:)

How did you spend the rest of your time in the canyon? Great work. Are you in AZ ?


Hi there, spent the rest of my time in the canyon hiking around exploring awesome waterfalls and hanging with the amazing friends and guides that were in our trip. I am out in Colorado now, but I plan on returning to airizona perhaps next spring. I really love Sedona, AZ is so beautiful!

Wow nice shots! loving the dynamic of the video!

I congratulate you on a very nice work. It was like being there, thank you very much for sharing. @cinemaninja


Your welcome, so glad you enjoy!

Awesome work. You get my vote!


Thank you for your support!

It is an excellent post, blessings and prosperity

this is an amazing time lapse and must have took loads of time and effort to make this


Yes indeed it was quite a lot of work, but I enjoyed every single minute of it! So glad you enjoy it.

Most enjoyable. Such an awesome array.

Dude this is AWESOME! It's like the kind of thing i'd expect to see on National Geographic! Have you thought about sending it to them or something? Wish i could go see that for myself.. Well done! :)


Stoked you think this is Nat geo quality! I might try and send it to them and see what they think.

that is beautiful Daniel! Can I ask if this is first posted in youtube? or in your site? Just curious though. Anyway you did a very good job here bro

they are so calm , watching those made me forget that im in a train, full of people ..

love them !


Perfect this is exactly why I made this and shared it with you:) cheers!

1st time seeing a timelapse of grandcanyon and it looks lit! Looking forward for more


So LIT! Glad I could provide you with a peek into its LITNESS!

this is incredible!! thanks for doing this!!


No prob, thanks for watching and for supporting me on Steemit!

This is breathtaking... Wish to see this beauty in real life


Yes you must! The video just does not do it justice.


+1 thing to the bucket list:)

I have just one word for this. Wow.


Thank you Olivia! Stoked I could provide you with some Wow:)

These shots are incredible, definitely high quality material! The trip must of been an amazing journey, out there on a mission to capture the udder beauty of this sacred place.


It was definitely top three places I have been to on earth. Such a sacred zone!

aww awesome views but when I heard the sound track as well I just wanted to get my alto saxophone out and float away. great stuff @cinemaninja :)


Aww man I would love to hear that:)

Hi @cinemaninja, thank you for blowing my mind and reassembling it in a most peaceful manner :) The footage itself is excellent and the scenery of course stunning, but honestly it is your attention to detail in the editing and the amazing job you did matching the edits and cuts to the music that stands out the most to me. This is just absolutely top notch.

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That's so awesome, I like the milky way. By the (milky) way, did you know that the American chocolate bar Milky Way is called Mars in Germany? emojitrivia


Haha I did not know that, learn something new everyday :) I have never seen the stars like they were down there in the canyon. Luckily we hit it on a new moon!

God is Awesome! This is spectacular footage!

Many thanks! This captures sites I would never see on a typical visit; even though, it is definitely on my list of places to visit soon.

You really should try to enter this into a film contest. Great work!



Thank you kind sir! I think I will enter it into some film comps. Hope all is well!

thanks it beautiful i love the view....i have search a lot of place for a cool land scape like this


Thank you MRRJ, so glad you enjoy it.

Woow! I'm speechless! Thanks for share with us your experience :)!!!

this is so amazing.. upvoting

Hermosa me gustaría algún día tener esa vista en persona, impresionante me gusto demasiado. saludos. sigue asi tienes mi apoyo.!!

WOW!! I have only seen the milky way one time when camping up North!


Glad you enjoy. Hope you get out to see more of the milky way soon!


It is such a beautiful sight, crazy that we are a part of it too! Seems so distant


Glad you enjoy. Hope you get out to see more of the milky way soon!

Hello @cinemaninja please you vote me and follow

Spent a few days on the north rim with my wife and kids last summer, and now my son and I are planning a north rim to south rim hike this June. He is 8, so still not quite appreciating what it all means, but he's going to love these!


Stoked you get to spend some time out there! Ya I had trouble comprehending the majesty of nature until a little after 8 years old myself. Hope you guys have fun and thanks for your support on steemeit!

Well F&*k me that was phenomenal. What program are you using to put the pictures together & sound over?


Thanks amigo! Used after effects and LRTimelapse for rendering the raw images to video and Primere for editing the video clips.


Awesome thanks, I have a few that i've put together but no where near as good as what you've put together. keep it up, looking forward to the next one.

i must say this is by far one of the most exceptional post i have seen on steemit as a curator.

p.s. do well to use tags that can make it easy for your post to be found.

video, vlog are good tags




Hi Dante, So glad you enjoy it! I know I messed up the tags when I first posted this. I did not realize the first tag is the one that puts it into a category. It would be awesome if you could update the first tag in a post, but for now that does not seem possible. Perhaps its not with how it ties into the blockchain. Cheers!

Dope work mate! Both calming and inspiring.


Thanks Prof!

isn't it the place where movie 127 hours was made?

Great work David the Grand Canyon is a tough place to capture just how huge it is and you did a great job. Have you been to Horseshoe Bend? It's awesome.

beautiful, calming and thumbs up!

The Grand Canyon is amazing :o

Nature is worthy of admiration for its harmony, and the author for his work and patience!

Wow, that is breathtaking. Me and some friends visited the Grand Canyon last year and it was amazing. Unfortunately we weren't there at night so I didn't get to see this beautiful night sky. 💜

miss living in arizona born in the valley

Beautiful! Also, thanks for posting about steemit over on facebook. I signed up thanks to your post and just got approved today!

it's amazing videography.It's like I'm watching a 3d movie. keep it up man!👍👌🙂

So much beauty! Nature is so majestic. I just love how you did the time lapse and got the stars.