Extinction Level Event Begins Early 2019 as Harvard Public Geoengineering Project Goes Live

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The title of the article has the phrase “Extinction Level Event…” which is not a joke nor an exaggeration. That is truly my own feeling, opinion of this event starting in the spring of 2019. Forget the global cataclysms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, global cooling, Grand Solar Minimum or crop losses, this trumps them all.

Meanwhile, Harvard scientists are setting themselves up to be new gods of the universe. They will claim that they have cooled the planet, and thus they have to be worshiped. The guise of the experiment falls under Stratosphere Controlled Perturbation Experiment with a catchphrase “SCoPEx” on climate effects to replicate a volcanic eruption with the world's first solar Geoengineering experiment.

Now it's public and Harvard Scientists are going to take credit for global cooling that is arriving due to the Grand Solar Minimum starting now, or they'll try to.

Look how they will use geoengineering to “quickly lower the planet's temperature”. How quickly is quickly? You get the feeling they could probably get this program up and running in less than two years. Then they would say, “Look at what we did!” Convenient, especially when the real cold comes in 2021 from decreased solar activity.

So take a good look at these faces. If you want to talk about selling out your species, but it's my own personal opinion on what they're on to. This experiment is going to go runaway accidentally on purpose. We've been called conspiracy theorists for mentioning Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, and here they are using computer models to show us how perfect they can track, and guarantee a hundred percent smooth operation with no negative side effects. Computer modeling promises us that.

What Harvard scientists are going to try to do is lower the planet's temperature by six-tenths of a degree using the same model of the Mount Pinatubo eruption, which gives a time frame of fifteen months. At the beginning of the experiment, they're going to use 300 grams of calcium carbonate particles, but then, how quickly do you think they'll ramp up the size from the initial size of a soda can? Are they going to to double that and then see what happens, then double it again and see what happens, and then you double it again and again? How many millions tons will be injected up there?

They're not going to tell you about it, they'll just inject in the atmosphere. Then after they do and the planet cools as a part of natural Grand Solar Minimum cycle, they’d claim that they are responsible for the cooling. Finally, they’d tell us that they just saved us and governments need to create a permanent global tax to keep the Geoengineering operation going.

The problem is, there is a direct correlation of large volcanic eruptions and decreased yields in corn, soybeans, rice and wheat in the years following these eruptions. This was observed in both El Chichon and Pinatubo, and they want to replicate a Pinatubo eruption?

So I think, this is telling me that they're trying to find a way to reduce global food production. It's not bad enough that the Grand Solar Minimum is throwing 18 curveballs to already established agricultural methods, but now on top of that they're going to try to cool the planet. In my opinion, this is an extinction-level event. Wars will pale in comparison. Perhaps the seals are broken.

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On to the perfection of the models, because models are known to be perfect, working correctly every time and perfectly reliable, right? James Hansen, even your low Scenario B is at least double of today's temperatures. You’d think that if in 2009 and 2010 the models weren't working, you sould have readjusted them, but no, you just kept going with the same error filled data model.

Stepping into 2015, 2016 and 2017 and still, the models are not reflecting reality. Of the 73 models, this time one is close. So let's just keep going with the same status quo.

(BELOW) Do you know where we are? At that yellow star on the right, which still puts 76 out of 77 models as defunct and incorrect. Yet, the IPCC is still using the same models and still hoping that the climate will warm. They're going to use models to try to predict where these aerosols are going to spread across the planet too, so what could possibly go wrong?

Remember, even just up to last month talking about Nano-particulate dispersal by aircraft made you a conspiracy theorist. Put on the tinfoil hat and go say “Hey” to Bigfoot, then suddenly, out of Nature Journal, the idea is to simply spray a bunch of particles into the stratosphere, then those particles will reflect sunrays back to space. Now, where is the stratosphere?

You can see it above your head, it’s 50 kilometers overhead. If they do it correctly, you won't even see the aircraft dispersing this. The balloons are at a certain height where you won't even see them, so don't worry it won't exist, but it's all good, just pay the global tax.

In hindsight, how do they deliver such particles into our atmosphere? At the beginning, they're going to use a tethered balloon, then they're going move to a fleet of high-flying aircraft. This will only cost $10 billion dollars per year. If the calcium carbonate reflective white doesn't work, they propose to use the default, Sulphur dioxide.

Those particles are the same that come out of volcanic eruptions, so either way, they got you covered, Harvard is going to protect the planet. Global intervention is what they call it because we humans are so bad, but the planet has only risen in temperature three-tenths of a degree during this entire climate scare from the 1960’s.

Still, they want to go up and block out the Sun when our Earth is coming into a cooling phase naturally. This is pure insanity.

Because of the “philanthropist mindset” of this project, we're just giving a gift to humanity, the funded team will not seek to file a single patent in the process that will begin in the spring of 2019.

The real reason they're not filing any patents on this, is because all the patents for aerial dispersal, marine surface dispersal, balloon dispersal and rocket dispersal have already been patented over the last 70 years.

There are more than 300 patents on this type of dispersal mechanism for particulates into the atmosphere already. There's no way for them to patent anything. I highly suggest you to go over to climateviewer.com to see the list of patents. I've done an interview with Jim Lee myself.

Our interview last year is on my YouTube channel, you can also visit Climate Viewer News at climateviewer.com to see the full list of all these patents in play from spray vessels and spray nozzles, to the ways ships are going to be used here.

All these patents are peer-reviewed research and are listed throughout academic journals so you can see the results and how they're trying to improve what they're doing in aerosol cloud experiments utilizing ships, planes, balloons and rockets.

I love what David Keith said at the beginning, “I have yet to encounter any public protest or any direct opposition aside from the occasional conspiracy theorists.” You know what David Keith, I personally object on the record in this newsletter. What if your experiments go wrong, who is to blame? Nobody.

I've linked an enormous amount of resources below this article, from the American Meteorological Society and everything in between. Look at all the reports coming out as reasons for all these different materials in the air. Calcium carbonate is what the Harvard crew wants to use, but they've also been using sodium chloride, potassium chloride, lithium carbonate, magnesium oxide and Nano metals such as barium, strontium and aluminum.

You can look at all these research reports that are free in PDF format, just click and you can check out the results of what they were doing. Solar Geoengineering Research in India, I thought it was the first time it ever happened. This was published on November 9, 2018. We also have the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Large Ensemble Project and I thought, it was just supposed to be a couple of hundred grams according to David and Frank at Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program. You're already planning to scale it up. The plans are on the books. Then you can just say, “We put it out in public and now it's time to go bigger. It really works, we did a lot of model runs.” Then we see Climate Response to Aerosol Geoengineering: A Multimethod Comparison from six months ago.

Impacts of Stratospheric Sulphate Geoengineering on photovoltaic, meaning solar panels and CSP plants. To concentrate solar power in the desert, you reflect thousands of mirrors into single point on a tower and boil water to create steam to spin turbines. So, they even have studies as to how much this is going to affect solar panels and CSP plants. That was back in May of 2017, and they're saying that now, was the first time that they we're just delving into it and that they never even thought about it.

Furthermore, Cloud Brightening is where they shoot mist up from ocean vessels but they're still investigating surface and circulation impacts. Meaning, atmospheric disturbances due to the increased water vapor and particulate up there; meaning, messing with the rain and flows of the atmosphere. How about the climate response to stratospheric sulphate injections? We have to know how the climate is going to react when we put particulates up there. Then there is this Addressing Climate Emergencies and that scares me the most. They already know there's going to be an emergency somewhere, and they're trying to address it preemptively, saying “If you put this much it's going to do this… and if you add this extra amount it's going to do that.” That is what the entire report is about and was done back in 2012.

I know that science has gotten better in the last six years. There have been a lot of more computer model runs done, I'm sure. How about this one, Effects of Solar Radiation Management which means spraying the skies with Harvard now publicly saying that they're going to do this on a water cycle in the Coupled-Land Atmospheric Model, meaning that these particles drift out of the sky eventually into your water supply. How about this nugget at the bottom published in 2011, Seasonally Modulated Tropical Drought Induced by Volcanic Aerosols, just switch the word volcanic aerosols into Harvard's geoengineering spraying program, do you mean they can cause droughts when they do that? There's “no” problem there, they already did the model runs, so it will be perfect.

Jim Lee did a great job running down these patents with images linked to the articles, the publications and the peer-reviewed studies. I highly encourage you again to check out Jim Lee’s work, you'll be shocked, climateviewer.com. You will not get off that site for days when you get there. It is an absolute, mind-bending reality changer when you see these patents.

Moving on, this cloud formation, have you seen this before? Those were cirrus clouds formed when a cloud seeding experiments were carried out in South Africa.

If you have yet to understand what I’ve been talking about, here's the best part of the whole report, Termination Shock, Geoengineering only masks the real problem. If the practice is ever ceased, unforeseen side effects and runaway Global Warming will almost instantly be felt the moment Harvard stops.

Do you see all that cash potential; this is even better than CO2 because once the planet cools Geoengineers are going to take credit for it. Then they're going to brainwash everybody into thinking that this new program is saving humanity and we can continue to pollute and still run our lives exactly the same because all they need to do is spray in the skies and that can keep us cool down here.

I don't like the idea of paying 50% of my wages to a global tax just to keep the program going. We will have a small global tax in the beginning, but it'll grow larger and larger by law.

I do actually give credit to Nature for putting this at the bottom of the article. Jeff, great writing on this one. “Not talking about geoengineering is the greatest mistake we can make right now.” and I absolutely agree. This is an extinction level event in play.

They're finally bringing it to the public. They've told you for years and years that it wasn't happening, they even accused anyone who believed or spoke about this as a conspiracy theorist. Now, it’s happening, what will the corporate media say now? Arctic ice is increasing, NASA reports prove that while they’ve told you for years the Arctic Ice was going to decrease and then now, they're saying the Arctic Ice is increasing due to Global Warming.

The narrative is shifting to everything cold now, but humans are still responsible, and taxable.

What they need to do now is measure how aerosols alter stratospheric chemistry and create global models on how large-scale geoengineering possibly disrupts stratospheric ozone. Ozone is the least of our worries if the stratosphere gets disrupted in any way, shape or form. The pattern that it is in now is bad enough with the jetstreams shifting due to a weakening magnetosphere from our Sun going into a 400-year quiet period.

Now academics are telling you directly that putting these aerosols up there can alter the hydrological cycle on large-scale implementation. You're going to see a year without a summer. Go back and check out the Tambora eruption circa 1815-1817, when they had years without a summer. Then see how little food they could grow for three years after that eruption.

If they put an enormous amount of Sun blocking particulates up there and something goes wrong, say they doubled the amount that should have been put up there and it takes years for that to balance back out. These are Harvard’s ready excuses, their preemptive solution. During those years however, we cannot grow crops on the planet. During those years’ billions of people will die.

The article finally winds up with Geoengineers are here to help us, those experiments and models are one set of work /results and very useful but they really need to see what's happening on the ground and make the rest of the observations in the real environment. So let's take a look at the real environment.

I'm going to take you back 11,900 years ago. We are at the far right in the graph, the more you move to the right of the graph, you’re moving into the future. To the left is where we were, in terms of warming and cooling. That spike at the very bottom at -1.4 there is where our Earth was coming out of the Younger Dryas Era, back up to the heat spike where temperatures were 3 degrees Celsius warmer than today, eight thousand years ago. Then you can see the successive heat spikes as we move forward. We are way at the very bottom.

This whole thing about the runaway Global Warming is an absolute farce, when you start looking at where our planet has been over the last 8,000 years. We are continuing downward into the end of the interstadial / interglacial. Now, how much cooler will it get before it flips over into something that we haven't seen in 18,000 or 20,000 years? Who knows, but the trend is downward, and IPCC scientists argue with this.

This is the Greenland Ice Core data set, the same data set used to prove Global Warming, but it proves Global Cooling for thousands of years. Interesting how the corporate media always locks us into only using the Satellite Era or that we can only use 1880’s data after we were exiting out of the Dalton Grand Solar Minimum and it started to warm again on the planet. This is a natural warming and cooling cycle on the planet.

We are going back into a 400-year low in solar activity. Sunspot activity is diminishing, solar activity is diminishing and our weather patterns are changing due to the Jetstream shifting as our magnetosphere weakens. The forecast is for extreme cold beginning now to the point of global crop shortages by 2028 according to Valentina Zharkova who is one of the leading heads of research on the planet about canceling magnetic wave fields in the Sun. She, along with so many astrophysicists are saying that we are going into a Global Cooling period, but now Harvard wants to start spraying the skies. They're going to hijack the cold. When you see NASA and NOAA starting to talk about cold, you know the whole thing is going to be hijacked.

(BELOW) In addition, Atlantic water temperatures are cooling on a regular 60-year cycle, warm / cold / warm known as the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO). When the Atlantic goes cold, generally, Europe gets cooler and the Northern Hemisphere gets cooler because the Northern Hemisphere follows water temperatures off the Atlantic.

So we have a Grand Solar Minimum going cold and also the Atlantic going cold, but now Harvard needs to spray the planet to try to make the planet “cooler”?

Don't tell anybody, but we just had two years of record-breaking Global Cooling. Inconvenient Science: NASA data showing the global temperatures dropped. So I guess NASA is a global warming denier.

(BELOW) I overlaid these two charts here, the yellow arrows are the same exact same points in time. The yellow arrows point to a start at three-tenths of a degree below the Satellite Era averaged temperatures and they don't look like they're runaway to me. This is only a very small snippet of time 1979 to the present day, just a couple of decades.

Take a look at these U.K summer temperatures, we were told that we are to be up to 5 ½ degrees Celsius hotter by 2070, while winters will be up to 4 degrees Celsius warmer. This is because of all of the CO2 in the atmosphere. So it is supposed to be hotter, hotter and hotter. This graphic is the summer mean temperature from 1910 to 2018 in the UK, a 100+ year data set, but where is the runaway heat spikes that we were supposed to see? Even from 2010 look at the drop in temperature, there was even more CO2 in the atmosphere then. When we look at longer-term trends, a hundred years gives you a better indication than 40 years. We are not warming.

These apparently, did not convince the Fourth National Climate Assessment from the US government. Not even a peep about the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum or Global Cooling from 2019 to 2035 is talked about. The forecast shown is due to decreasing solar activity.

  Although, they do talk about Climate Engineering and Geoengineering for the benefits of the challenges of climate intervention. Now you have government bodies weighing in to say they want to do Geoengineering. This is not just an accident that this is coming out publicly. It's a plan.

Governments are going to need to explain the cooling, this is it. I was trying to figure out how they would switch the narrative, because there's more Sea Ice, more snow, cooler temperatures etc…., and here it is, this is how they're going to switch the narrative on you. They're going to say the Geoengineering is working, that's why the planet is cooling. I encourage you to check out the Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program. I linked it below. Seriously though, Frank, you should think about your species.

Man Made Vs Nature. This is what we are destined for. That banker on the left, how much do you think he'll sell that one green plant for? Do you think your food is going to cost more money when they do this experiment? I'm going to say, yes. They're going to milk the population for every last penny and then they're going to let you eat each other.

It was also said that the only permanent solution to Climate Change is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but greenhouse gas emissions aren't causing climate change, the Sun is. Let's stay on that point. They tell us to stop burning fossil fuel but neglect that we've had patents for Electrogravitics to produce clean electricity for 70 years now.

Take a look at Otis Carr’s anti-gravity model. Those two discs spin in different directions.

Once they reach around 1,400 rpms, they create a weightlessness effect and at the same time they discharge electricity. Free electricity.

Understand that the actual current generated to push these magnetic motors is coming from outside the Earth's magnetic field. It's even originating from outside the Sun and our Solar System from our galaxy.

  Nothing is free energy. The base charge is coming from elsewhere, in the spiral arm of our galaxy.

Nonetheless, the end result is a mechanism using magnetism from the Earth, where we don't have to burn anything. They've had this for decades, half a century, but we still don't use it.

  What about this suppressed technology? These patents we have from Nikola Tesla are more than a hundred years in the closet, unused. Magnetic motors using the Earth's magnetic grid to produce power, wireless electricity where we wouldn't have to burn anything. Free power for the masses. Minimal cost, minimal infrastructure.

We need to spray the planet’s skies to cool Earth according to a fictitious CO2 boogeyman.

  Meanwhile, we've moved from everything free into everything you have to pay for. To counter geoengineering and in order to reduce carbon from our planet, why don’t we put artificial trees which need electricity and heat?

These will remove carbon from our planet. How long do you think will these trees remove all the carbon out of its manufacturing, transportation and installation process?

Not to mention, we could just plant trees, the real ones, with those green things called leaves that soak up CO2. If we are truly at the point where we're talking about dimming the skies in some kind of bizarre world cartoon experiment, why don’t we have a Manhattan-style project, to put trees on every square inch of our earth to absorb the CO2?

Why are they not talking about massive re-greening of our planet, and when I say “massive”, I mean government sponsored employment. Then everybody who is unemployed will get a job planting trees across the planet, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Everywhere on the planet gets completely resurfaced with trees, instead of spraying our skies that could runaway into a global famine with huge population reductions.

So you really do need to ask yourself, why are they not talking about reforestation as the first option? Replanting used to be a big thing back in the 70s, but now nobody talks about it.

What everyone’s talking about now is something from a factory that can help us take all the CO2 out of the air, like this is a carbon dioxide removal /capture unit. How much difference does that really make in the atmosphere, I bet that thing couldn’t even pull CO2 out of that valley even with all those trees. This is how they want to divert your tax dollars.

Governments will be asking for money to pay for this one, Ground-based albedo modification (GBAM). They want to create whitening roofs to use on land and on glaciers. How much square surface space would you have to produce in a factory, no less, to reflect sunlight and have any kind of results? Even if you make a square mile of this, that would have no result at all, that would do nothing for the Global Albedo effect.

The irony is “planners” are telling us that they’re going to use a factory to produce thousands of square miles of this material which requires electricity, heat and transportation for this to be installed somewhere. You're talking about reducing CO2, yet you're creating more CO2 as a solution! This is insanity in itself.

If you want to cover something, cover it with trees. Those trees could be fruit trees, then people could get free food too. Why don’t we put efforts on reforestation, cover everything with fruit and nut trees? We could also replant anywhere in a grow zone with multiple types of trees that could produce food for free for the community.

One more thing known as Marine Brightening the same as cirrus cloud thinning on the sea surface. Are they trying to thin these clouds by spraying something from an airplane?

Marine Cloud Brightening where they take the ocean water through a special turbine, one of the patents I showed you earlier, then they spray mist in the air to create artificial clouds to try to block the water surface itself so sunlight can’t warm the oceans. The Atlantic is on its 60-year cycle of cooling, so whether you put clouds up there or not, it's going to cool on its natural 60 year cycle.

How about these solutions? What if this was taught in schools was that every home should be designed to have this many plants to help clean the air and produce food. Every restaurant, every school, every office should be fully encapsulated with greenery inside.

This greenery includes vegetables and different types of edibles, an indoor garden that also removes pollution and CO2. Would that be too much to ask, instead of spraying the skies to an extinction-level event where one out of 14 of us survived on the planet's surface?

I do thank you for reading this article. I truly feel that we're right here, NOBODY CARES. I care enough though to spend my time to do this newsletter and try to bring you the information in my video series ADAPT 2030 on YouTube and Podcast Mini Ice Age Conversations.

  Thanks for reading. I hope you got something out of the article. If you are looking for more in-depth analysis on these exact same issues, Mini Ice Age Conversations tri-weekly podcast, 30-minute on the go anywhere you can find a podcast hosted across the net.

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Thanks for bringing this to
our attention. Sounds like a dangerous experiment that could cause big losses to farmers. I see a class action coming ...

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I think the geoengineers dont count on enough of us being around, they want us divided and fighting for survival.

David Keiths and Bill Gates are insane and need to locked up. Liars and snakes with no regard for humanity.
Al Gore will jump right in with his carbon credit business.
Great post !
Another good source is Mike Morales YouTube channel - he does a daily report on all of the aerosol spraying around the world.

Thank you so much for sharing this information. I had absolutely no idea about all of this experimenting and I agree totally. Reforestation is what we need right now. That is the best filter for the planet.

Thanks for doing your research on geoengineering, I'll be sharing this around. I also appreciate the fact that you added in solutions that won't effing kill life.


Thanks for passing that around this is a message we all need to share as we are all breathing the same air.


A fantastic collection of resources, and straightforward (ok, a bit hyperbolic) discussion of climate change. Very few people grasp that academia and the enemedia constantly mislead them regarding climate change - despite the abysmal trust people have for both.

The braying from Harvard about the 'new' experiments to inject aerosols to reduce insolation is a perfect example of this, and the list of prior experiments shows how egregiously they are lying. I love the charts you provide comparing the oft cited computer models of AGW alarmists and the actual climate.

Sadly, 9/11 shows that even completely obvious lies are just accepted by people afraid to deviate from the official story.

The sad fact is that we aren't going to stop Harvard from doing this, and it doesn't matter that they're lying, or wasting money. It doesn't even matter that people are going to die. That won't stop them. Folks aware of the facts will need to take action to effect their survival. The governments of the world, the enemedia, academia, the general public - none of them are going to change course suddenly.


Nonetheless, there are people that have not realized the truth, and that are daily becoming interested in finding out what the truth really is. Keep publishing the truth, because every time you do, one more person realizes it, and can take action to preserve their life and treasure.


There is another gentleman here in Redding, California by the name of Dane Wigington who has been engaged in this research for a great many years. He has a website for an organization called GeoengineeringWatch.Org, you might want to check him out; also another source we use is 1pacificredwood on YouTube. He is an ex governmental meteorologist and has been doing his thing for many years also.
By the way, Dane recently had a worldwide conference set up in Redding, and coincidentally, multiple fires broke out that were so bad that the conference had to be moved, and then cancelled altogether. Your guess is as good as ours as to why...
Excellent article, @adapt2030.


Iv'e reached out to Dane on several occasions by email but he hasn't responded as he and I are at odds on where the planets temperatures are heading, I say cooling he says catastrophic run away warming.

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It looks like they are finally making the current experiment, the one they deny, official.


We used to be called tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists for mentioning geoengineering, now the worlds wants it and Harvard is i control. Maybe we were so insane after all.


That's more likely if you said chemtrails.

Ever seen snowpiercer? The future is now...


Yes, i saw the movie, seems to be Hollywood telling us of the future, eat bugs, no upward mobility, live in small housing etc.... oh yea and the planet is in an Ice Age.


Hahaha... and the planet is in an ice age! Yep... a cold but beautiful film.


yep. we need sunshine and CO2 to grow food, and to feed animals. this is eugenics at it's best; they got the young brainwashed to demand their own culling.

This accentuates one fact that nobody wants to think about. This is our planet too - and we are in the overwhelming majority, yet we are not asked, we are not told of what risks they wish to take, they just do what they want - and the scientists, their experiments have no real world importance (they just want to prove their theories), which is why they do not feel compelled to ask for our permission, because they are like children with toys.

Unfortunately their toys are going to kill billions.