Sunspots Forecast Record Cold & Snow Its Already Begun


Starting off here with the Daily Sunspot Area. This is called the butterfly diagram. I highlighted some at the bottom there, the orange boxes of solar activity. Now we’re going back and repeating something in the 1800s. Starting right now with the cooling and this is going to usher us into the 400-year cooling. A little bit down the road in say 2020 to 2023.

As we start moving ahead and we should start seeing the signs all around, but then, the corporate media just does not want to talk about these August snows that occurred across so many countries in the Northern Hemisphere. From Japan to Kyrgyzstan to Europe and here in the United States and in Canada.

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It was a substantial snowfall and you have to realize this is in August !

So these are just some of the signs that cooling has begun, and it’s intensifying!

The corporate media is so quick to change their stance of, “ it’s going to be a record hot October, November.”

Now they flipped. Why October won’t finish like it started.

They just flipped into, “Whoa, look at all these below normal temperatures, at least over half the United States.” Remember this is going to extend up into Canada as well.

Bringing you over here, Ryan Maue putting these charts out. You can see those temperature gradients WAY up in Canada and that huge dip going down into Mexico through Texas. Record cold encompasses more than half the United States and GREAT amount of Canada, and bits of Mexico as well.

Denver Colorado, record cold for the high temperature. Previous record cold in 1969 was 36 degrees Fahrenheit, now the new record 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Looking back into the 70s, we’ll find the same thing. The morning low temperatures were broken as well, 18 degrees Fahrenheit, while the old record was 20.

If we look at Denver through the news report, they talked about October high temperatures. Any of those blue boxes are below normal. When you start to look at that, you’ll see 47, 40, 38, 37. The average temperature is supposed to be 66 at this time of the year. These are WELL, well, well below the normal.

How did I find that information? Well, I pulled the next screen here from the DENVER ALMANAC. Even after that record cold, you can still see it’s below normal.

What’s most interesting in the news report is what they put for the warming up after the record cold. Notice that heat graph. If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you would think, that was warm and this is after record cold. They like to show how much it’s going to warm up after the record cold. They put these oranges over there like it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit!

But when we look at the temperatures across the whole area, from Wyoming down to Colorado etc., these low temperatures are in the 20s. These are December low temperatures, late December. It seems that the weather patterns are about a month and a half to two months ahead of where they should be, which indicates extreme cooling on the way.

Mix into this the droughts. You can understand why our crops across the United States are being decimated, especially focusing in on wheat and oats.

More indications of cooling on our planet? New record, earliest measurable snowfall in Kansas City plus we’re seeing this across Europe and Asia as well right now as well.

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Winter Weather Advisory. Where is that? Are you kidding me? We’re clear down in, what? New Mexico and Arizona for these winter weather advisories.

Indeed it is. Look at that! Vegas, even under a winter weather advisory.

Look closely in here, temperatures are in Fahrenheit, for the last couple of days. You can see how cold it really was.

Even the National Weather Service comes out and calls it unseasonably cold with periods of showers. You know they had to admit straight up that it was cold because people are feeling it and they’re noticing it. That’s how cold below normal is. They can’t just brush it under the rug. If it was five degrees Fahrenheit below normal temperatures, even 8 or 10, they would have blown it away. But since it’s extreme 20–25 degrees below normal, they have to talk about it.

What happened with all this, “October and November is going to be super mild and even hot because of Global Warming.” Now they flipped it. Corporate media flips it by the week. They’re seasonal forecasts. If it didn’t fit the model, they’ll just flip it right back a week later. Cold winds to pelt the Northeast, first snowflakes, power outages, and high winds.

Then we’re looking at these types of temperatures dropping, dropping, dropping into the 30s. I thought that would be late November weather. This is about a month ahead on the temperatures and these frost, freeze, threats are ahead of the normal schedule as well.

They’re talking snow in Tennessee, of all places. Temperatures are going to plunge down into the 20s and 30s Fahrenheit. 20 degrees Fahrenheit should be at least in November and December, not the middle of October.

Bringing you a happy note here! The cute little Lemur, Denver Zoo, welcomes the extremely rare new baby. All the links are below in the description box.

I encourage you to listen to episode #122 of Mini Ice Age Conversations. Because you have to realize the government’s definitely not going to be telling you about this because of global panic would ensue. And I tried to explain it the best way I can in that episode.

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