Grand Solar Minimum Update 12/30/18 - Eboni Snow Recap - New Years 4cast - KBO Flyby - Magnetic Reversal Discussion


New Year's Storm System Brings Yet Another Rain, Snow Threat
The big dig: Snow removal begins after storm
Albuquerque blizzard leaves many disappointed
Ski resorts across the state reap benefits of blizzard
Season's first snowfall blankets El Paso
Parts of Minnesota could get accumulating snow on New Year's Eve; subzero temps to follow
Snowcover Maps
48hr Data
GFS Total Snowfall
Snow Winds Down in the Southwest; Another Northwest Storm This Weekend
Cold weather to hit Egypt for 72 hours
Frozen Taps, and Bone-Chilling Cold: Kashmir Battles Chillai-Kalan, its Harshest Winter in 3 Decades
Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:
Short-lived explosion at Cleveland volcano, ash to 5.2 km (17 000 feet), Alaska
Anak Krakatau: Indonesian volcano's dramatic collapse

Research on the Geomagnetic Reversals
How to Watch New Horizons' Ultima Thule Flyby on New Year's Day: A Webcast Guide

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