Graphene ($GFN) Road-map!

9개월 전

The official Graphene Road-map is outlined below.

This road-map shows the plans for developing Graphene and gives an outline of the route to be taken to achieve success on the scale the community expect!

The road-map is broken down into 4 Phases with each Phase representing a number of targets which will be achieved by the Graphene team.

Graphene Road-map
Phase 1
-Graphene Token Development on BSC
-CMC Listing
-Pancakeswap listing
-CoinGecko listing
-Stakecube listing
-CoinSniper… etc Listings
-Graphene Website Launched
-Graphene Socials Launched
-Litepaper Released

Phase 2
-Release Smart Contract Audit
-Airdrop Dates Finalized
-Mass Marketing Campaigns (including partnerships and collaborations with crypto-media outlets and Youtube channels)
-Airdrop Completion
-Additional Liquidity Added
-Ambassador program

Phase 3
-Token Burn/Token Allocation to Treasure (using $GFN from unclaimed airdrops-pending community approval)
-Partnerships and Collaborations (specifically with Businesses and Projects intending to build on Graphene Mainnet)
-Completion of Front-End (wallet)
-Mainstream Marketing

Phase 4
-Scalability Testing
-Security Testing
-Code Audit
-Exchange Listings
-Graphene Developer SDK Released
Graphene DApp Program


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