The Bitcointalk Signature Campaign has been extended!



The Bitcointalk Signature Campaign has been extended. This will allow for those who have not participated in the campaign to do so, it will also afford those who have already taken part to use this advantage to do more.

This campaign is a great opportunity to Earn free $PHR (#Phore Token). As you already aware, the #Graphene Airdrop for holders of $PHR is still ongoing (the 1st airdrop snapshot was done on 14th March, 2021 and the 2nd Airdrop Snapshot comes up on 11th April, 2021), so the more $PHR you earn the more free Graphene you will get.

So take this advantage of the extension of the Bitcointalk Signature Campaign to:
i. Earn more $PHR
ii. Hold the $PHR in your #Phore wallet
iii. Get #Graphene ($GFN) for FREE as airdrop for holding $PHR.

👇View the campaign👇

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Phore #Graphene #Binancesmartchain $BTC $ETH $BNB $GFN $PHR #cryptocurrency #Airdrop

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