Graphene will be airdropped on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token!



Graphene will now be airdropped on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token prior to GFN mainnet launch.

As the date of the Graphene ($GFN) 1st airdrop snapshot draws near (14th March, 2021), the Phore team had to make a very important decision with regards to the blockchain to launch Graphene prior to its migration to its mainnet.

With the recent high gas fees on Ethereum network, it has become necessary to launch Graphene on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the upcoming airdrop will be distributed as BEP20 tokens to $PHR (Phore) holders. The launch of Graphene on BSC (which is a fast growing Ethereum alternative ecosystem) will provide great benefits to the Graphene project until it the final launch of $GFN Mainnet, some of these benefits include;
i. Lower Gas fees than Ethereum.
ii. Rapid ecosystem growth.
iii. Binance association.
iv. Allow for more users to participate in the airdrop

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