An artist produces video with visual effects to sell his car.

4년 전

 For most of us selling a used car involves placing an advertisement on a popular site for sale and purchase or in the advertising section in a local newspaper or writing a paper on the car written for sale.

But when it was about selling old SUV,  Eugene Romanovsky decided to take things to a new level through the creation of a more exciting advertisement for the year 1996 for Suzuki Vitara,  Latvian using his skills as a visual effects artist a two-minute heroic video displays everything that can and cannot be done by its trusted cars and adding something amazing to underwater driving to visit outer space so go to the woods and face extinct dinosaurs and forest animals It's crazy and it's not weird that the video has got over 2 million hits since it was taken over by YouTube.

See for yourself now and don't forget the popcorn to watch the short action movie.

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