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With the usage of Graft RTA, crypto can completely be more powerful in our everyday life, as clients and shippers require not sit tight too ache for approval and affirmations of an exchange, or multifaceted nature in changing over their cryptos to fiat by means of exchangers or crypto intermediaries after business exchanges, this would altogether change the eventual fate of digital currency, right now cryptos are seen just as a supply of significant worth, a money of theory or simply as a medium for exchanging, and this also postpones the mass appropriation of crypto which we have been seeking after , Graft RTA will totally upset this, by changing how individuals see and use cryptos and inturn help the mass reception of cryptographic forms of money along these lines giving more an incentive to the crypto biological system when all is said in done. Each crypto aficionado is seeking and imploring after mass reception and the convenience of crypto, all things considered.

My design:

The logo has in it a subtract of group or people indicating the form of unity that graft network is will to people among user of it blockchain.

This is my entry to the graphics contest by @mediaworks


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