160 STEEM ~ Graphics Design Contest: BCShop.io

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Welcome to the Sponsored @MediaWorks Graphics Contest!

Status: CLOSED.

Start Time: ~6 PM ET, Friday
End Time: ~6 PM ET, Tuesday

BCShop.io is sponsoring a graphics design contest here on Steemit!

There is a special bonus, so make sure to read the rules!

Prizes: 115 STEEM + 45 STEEM Bonuses + Tutorial Video Bonuses!

  • 1st Place: 22 STEEM
  • 2nd Place: 17 STEEM
  • 3rd Place: 14 STEEM
  • 4th Place: 13 STEEM
  • 5th Place: 11 STEEM
  • 6th Place: 10 STEEM
  • 7th Place: 9 STEEM
  • 8th Place: 7 STEEM
  • 9th Place: 6 STEEM
  • 10th Place: 6 STEEM
  • 11th - 55th: 1 STEEM Bonus

Deadline: 96 Hours

What is BCShop.io?

BCShop.io is a platform and an online marketplace that are powered by smart contracts, allowing vendors to put their products and services up for sale!

The product data as well as the exchange between buyer and seller occurs through Ethereum smart contracts.

The big news? BCShop.io mainnet is out!

MainNet Release!

Users can now visit BCShop.io and put their products up for sale as well as see what's on offer. The platform is ready for the big stage.

Check it out for yourself!

Creating an Offer

Users can create their own offers by going to the BCShop.io website now.

This is the window used for putting up products for sale.

Depending on the trust level of the vendor, they can opt to use an escrow. This ensures that if any complaints are made that they are dealt with before the smart contract releases the payment.

Otherwise, the window is fairly self explanatory and easy to use.

Here are some examples of product listings:


What Can Be Sold/Bought?

BCShop.io allows the sale of any products of services a vendor may want to sell. The big difference is that BCShop.io can support items that traditional P2P marketplaces have no way to accommodate, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. Although BCShop.io has these features it does not take away from selling products such as game items, legal services, etc.

Traditional vendors can now put up their items for sale on BCShop.io and have an added source of revenue, while cryptousers have an easy way to purchase items using Ethereum.

Some examples are mentioned here.

A quick overcap of the above mentioned article, is that BCShop.io allows commerce that other platforms simply can't.

One of the great examples that are mentioned are tokens. Token buyers often have to wait for a given token to hit an exchange before they can liquidate it. In some cases this takes extremely long and limits the buyer from part taking in other projects.

An example used in the article mentioned above is "SWEET" tokens.

Let's say you purchased "SWEET" tokens and you want to sell them before they hit the exchange.

This is how a sell order for the tokens would look. With the offer up, other individuals who missed out on the token sale can get them before they are even listed!

Talk to the team!

The team at BCShop.io is happy to answer any questions.

Go to their Telegram group and ask away!

Graphic Information

Make a graphic that is relevant to BCShop.io and their new mainnet marketplace release! These will be images that may be used in their articles, or just to show their followers! Feel free to stick to the color schema of their logo, or create something totally unique. It can be anything! It can be users purchasing or selling items/services. It can be a store owner finally adapting to crypto! Maybe something that depicts the advantages of BCShop.io over giants in the online commerce space. A flyer, a comic, or whatever you feel will best represent BCShop.io in a graphic! As long as it is appropriate and relevant, anything goes. It can be humorous or technical. The most important thing is that your image is creative and original!

Special Bonus

BCShop.io would like an instructional video to show potential users! Feel free to come up with a video that explains how the platform is used to make purchases/sell items! Good quality videos will receive a bonus on top of the prizes as well! Good luck!

Please follow the rules below. The short description (point 2), must be original!

Contest Rules & Submission Information

  1. Create a post with the graphic.
  2. In the post provide a short description of what BCShop.io does and why you chose the design (mandatory).
  3. Leave a link to BCShop.io.
  4. At the end of your article, add the word "bcgraphic2018".
  5. Link your post in a reply here.

You will get a reply from @mediabot on your post to confirm that your submission was entered into the contest!

If you don't get the reply, don't worry. The most important thing is to leave a link to your post as a reply here. Feel free to let us know if your article did not receive a @mediabot confirmation, and we will look into it!

More Information & Resources:

Disclaimer: @MediaWorks makes no claims as to the legitimacy or operating procedures of contest topics. @MediaWorks does not offer any sort of investment advice. Please note, in the case that you receive a prize, your images may be used by the contest topic company.

Good luck to all the contestants!

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@mediaworks, I am yet to receive a reply from @mediabot. Please take note

I really like the theme of the week, I'm starting to work! thank you for giving me this space where I can show my work! happy friday!

Good wishes for everyone in this new challenge @mediaworks.

How to Leave a link to BCShop.io ? CAn anyone please guide me ?


I also wonder this!


Answered above.



Go to their Telegram and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

As far as submitting for the contest, just leave a link as a reply right here.


OH thank you :) Love ya <3


This is good

Ya. We've waited for this one. Its time to get back to brushes, paints and shapes.

This took ages ! Hopefully I'll get back to the podium this time around .

Time to go cryptoshopping .... It begins now

This is nice. Pumped up for this

Hello @mediaworks

Thank you for this opportunity. Below is my entry for the contest:


Thank you very much @mediabot


Yeah! I will try to win this time

Mehn this is nice . Lets see what i can do. Thanks @mediaworks

I am going to participate.

So dissapointed i got nothing last week after sleepless night designing for the last contest.. Buh i will try this!!
My entry coming soon..

Really nice art post! My friend have created awesome Steemit t-shirt and I want to share it with our amazing community! More detailed pictures are here:
front (7).jpg

started congratulations!

Please what software is best for creating this kind of image

i will try this week :) thanks for the contest

  ·  3년 전

Initiatives such as BCSHOP would go a long way in revolutionizing the e-commerce sector as well as the cryptocurrency world. It is a very big feat for the cryptocurrency market. Find my entry : https://steemit.com/graphic/@rokz/bcshop-revolutionizing-e-commerce

  ·  3년 전

@mediaworks, I am yet to get a response on my post


@mediabot you are yet to approve my entry

Hi @mediaworks

Can the design be handmade?

Congratulation to the winners!


My entry I hope you like it
I'm sorry I'm late

hi @mediaworks @mediabot this is my contribution for this contest, hope you want to check full post in this link https://steemit.com/steempress/@jaldesign/bcgraphic2018-bcshopiopromotionalbrochures-rk6bpjxlhi thank you very much :))


hey @mediaworks I didn't receive the confirmation of mediabot

my entry


And this is a video in spanish teach you how to use the platform of BCSHOP.IO


@mediaworks I didn't receive the @mediabot confirmation


Havent received any confirmation yet


@mediaworks still haven't received any confirmation

Here is my entry, explanatory video on how to buy and sell using the platform is also included. Hope you like it.


Hello @mediabot ,please verify my entry ,thanks !


Hello @mediaworks, @mediabot. I have not got confirmation yet. Please let me know.


No confirmation yet. I am hoping my entry is considered.

Hi please is the contest still open?