The more you point out someone else's flaws, the more you emphasize your own. People are going to call you ugly, stupid, jack-ass, or illiterate - but that's only because they can't accept their own flaws. How is it that some people can point out flaws and faults of others so easily and yet are truly blind to their own? Just a thought.
Good morning/evening all.

To all Catholics/Christians out there, have a peaceful Palm Sunday to you all!

One love.


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Hihi good morning my dear, you´re absolutely right most of the people in our surroundings are that way, but don´t worry don´t try to change them, they won´t let you, so follow your way and smile it´s your life, your way, your adventure, your health, don´t spent so much time on these types of persons they aren´t worth your love and help, the ones who smile back to you will enrich your days ;)

Hi, longtime later... How are you?