2년 전

I had the MOST DELICIOUS THING this morning

avocado toast.jpg

It was provided to me by the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING...

Whom is my partner in crime / love / all things alternative :P

Thus on today's quick pick of gratitude, I am grateful for having this wonderful person in my life who loves the one thing that I don't really love too much (cooking) and whom does it really... friggin'... well.

Even when it's as simple as a cute lil' slice of toast.

I find it kind of hilarious (and relevant) that my post it note from this weekend is lingering in the background. (If you can't read it, it says "ask for help today."

Well shit, I needed help having an INCREDULOUS BREAKFAST, and I was helped. Thank you life, thank you love. I am grateful!

What are you grateful for today?

Feel free to share pictures / stories / etc etc!

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Axios is back !!! Oh! You could have done this week contest of @cookwithus right there. ❤️

Daily gratitude. That's a nice idea.

Your partner can make avacado not a mushy mistake in my mouth? They're really a keeper, then because unless you transform it with lots of good produce like onions, tomatoes and limes into guac, avacado has to be hidden in brownies or smoothies for me.

I'm grateful for the raspberry bush in my backyard giving me a few more tasty morsels before the harvest is over for another year. It feels good to produce my own food and the hunting and patiently allowing the berries to fully ripen is a welcome brain break from a work day.

this picture already looks delicious man, iam hungry