365 Days of Gratitude: Day 6 - YouTube

2개월 전

Do you ever sit back and take a moment to think of how incredible it is that YouTube exists? I mean, really think about it. Imagine that you had to go back in time and explain to someone what YouTube without that person thinking you're batshit crazy. "Alright, so it's this website..." What's a website? "Uhh... okay... so YouTube is basically a giant resource index where you can go to learn something — like changing your tail lights when they burn out — or watch rap videos by guys with tattoos on their face."

That person would probably have you committed.

Invented by three former PayPal employees named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, YouTube hit took the Internet by storm in February of 2005. Just over a year later, Google bought the site in November of 2006 for $1.65 billion USD. What. The. Fuck. That shit is bananas, ya know?

Today, I had to jump on YouTube because I had no idea how to make a Teriyaki sauce and rather than reading a recipe I'd rather watch a video of someone showing me how to do it. Now, a couple of hours and some delicious teriyaki vegetables on rice later, I've got a new recipe in brain bank that's ready to be deployed whenever I want. Who needs a cooking class when we've got this shit?

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