A Heartfelt Thank You To All Of Ya!!!

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For years I have been producing media to help people reconsider their assumed role in life, to find angles that can lead the way to a larger understanding of what reality might be and to spread abundance-furthering information to help overcome the scarcity-based debt-paradigm we have inherited from our parents and their parents' parents.

And as many of you know, walking a path that collides with system interests is never easy, but arguably: worth it.



When I came to Steemit I felt my reality shift, it was like my calls for a way to merge my interests into one thing finally came true. Here was this platform that allowed me to fuse my seemingly irreconcilable passions, experience and knowledge into one coherent diary, and the people I have met since then have been the most empathic and supportive I have ever encountered on a social media platform.

Soon it became clear that the tribes forming here really meant something, a circumstance I had only been familiar with from years of visiting psychedelic festivals where an empathic tribal atmosphere is also alive and well (as opposed to most areas in society where competition amongst human beings is emphasized).

We all had reason to be here after many painful experiences on other social media, riddled with trolls and vehemently defended narratives with little actual substance to them or even a willingness to be discussed. And then we slowly found each other - like on any good dancefloor <3

A new template

From the first weeks on, the encouragement of many of you has helped me greatly to overcome my own doubts and fears of finally sharing with the world what has been brewing inside of me for so long, and - of course - the prospect of being able to eventually support a digital-nomad lifestyle of travel I had been dreaming of for so long had been seeded in the realm of possibility, a new promising prospect that seemed no longer elusive but almost present.

The more I share of the stories and experiences I had been carrying with me the lighter I feel on the inside - these things have been wanting to get out for way too long. In that way Steemit is a healthy outlet for all those things that may otherwise weigh me down endlessly and may have otherwise likely started to eat away at my health at some point. No need to carry heavy and controversial topics, insights and considerations around for a lifetime. Even if there is only a single individual drawing value from me sharing them - it was worth it.

Writing has become a therapy for me, and the ability to prioritize and pick the topic of the day has been a breath of fresh air in a system where we're usually told to just follow someone else's orders on a daily basis.

This here had a future, and no matter what happens to Steem in the next years the template has been set and new tribes have emerged pulling in the same direction. It is possible. Provably. Here we are.


Thank you <3 <3

I want you to know about the massive gratitude I feel towards all of you - my readers, supporters, friends, co-creators and critics (y'all know who you are, I love ya and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!). I am amazed at the level of gratitude, empathy and open-minded communication I am privileged to have with so many of you on here and I want you to know that it means the world to me to know you guys and girls exist out there. Tear rolling down my eye ;)

Onwards to an age of self-realization in cooperation!


I also want to take a moment today to share my deep gratitude with the abundance-generating collective @tribesteemup that has massively strengthened my outlook on my weird life-path and restored a sense of belonging to a greater mission that had been largely absent from my media work in recent years, taking place in environments of non-gratitude and unreasonable criticism that can and will eventually crush the spirit of even the most committed writers and artists who have something meaningful to tell.

I really hope we can manage to expand the tribe to more conscious creators who are working their butts off everyday to share what they learned, to help build a template for an age of abundance and communication, and to continually find ways to support each other on our life mission in this fascinating and inexplicable world we find ourselves in.

@tribesteemup and @kennyskitchen, I want you to know how grateful I feel to have been invited into the tribe, it means the world to me and I feel blessed!

I greatly look forward to meeting many of you offline in the future so we can continue to learn, grow and tackle projects most people may consider impossible.

And build them awesome Earthships somewhere for each other and their mom, right? ;)

To all those hard-working creators out there who are not yet part of the tribesteemup and may feel let down about the tiny bit of recognition you are getting on Steemit compared to your efforts - don't let it discourage you. From one day to the next @tribesteemup had come into my life (dare I say manifested after years of dedication) and my mission is still the same as it was before, though now the ego can see that it is all finally going somewhere. And the spirit of those in the tribe show that there is true value here, that some people really care and that we can all pull in the same direction even if our worldviews, preferences or points of emphasis differ on the surface.



I say if you continue to do your thing here for the long haul, you will be noticed and pulled up by the sheer mass of conscious creators on this platform or the next. If you know your work is valuable but feel it is largely unrecognized please feel free to reach out to me in the comments section, especially if I seem to have not noticed you yet. I will do my best to support you on your mission, to feature your articles in awesome projects like @thedailysneak, to get people to become aware of your work and to join your tribe by their own volition. People interested in the things you are sharing with the world.

Everyone has a fanbase, it's just that people have to find each other for that to manifest.

Building bridges is and has been a priority in my life and I invite you to make use of it if you feel you are not being heard on this platform. I shall do the best I can to get you on someone's radar with the modest reach I have on Steemit, it's what sorting is all about. People, ideas and things that go together belong together and often only a bridge is needed to help them find each other.

Uncovering ways to re-establish cooperation among likeminded people may be one of the cornerstones of the new paradigm emerging - voluntary interaction with other sentient beings in a system of mutual support for common causes in a flexible and non-binding way. Walk your path, you know there is merit there!


Abundance Mantra

The template has been set, now let's spread that abundance to those who have been working tirelessly to tell the world what they have to tell, there are so many out there and we have a long way to go.

The mantra "I welcome abundance into my life" has been instrumental for me, and will continue to be so as we find new ways to be connected energetically.

So, to anyone who has drawn value from my work on Steemit and has let me know in some way or another: Thank you eternally!!!!


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Thanks for stopping by and receiving some gratitude <3

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"[T]he people I have met since then have been the most empathic and supportive I have ever encountered on a social media platform."

I would definitely agree with that. I got super used to YouTube trolls and the like so I was surprised to not find too much of that here.


Let's hope steemit has set a new standard ;)

...furthering information to help overcome the scarcity-based debt-paradigm we have inherited from our parents and their parents' parents

It is I who should be thanking you @paradigmprospect, for all the good work you do! So, thank you for the thank you, but thank you ;-)

Thank 'you', my friend!

You're awesome

Although I can't always find the piece of mind to read your entire posts ( I did read this one till the end ) it's people like you who make Steemit worth it for me.

What might be therapy for you is so much more for your readers. It's people like you ( on this platform ) that restore my faith in the socialness of social media and humanity in general.

Keep spreading those words of wisdom! <3