The challenge of gratitude! Give thanks before you receive them, by @theycallmedan

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The challenge of gratitude! Give thanks before you receive them


I met steemit thanks to a friend, told me you're going to do what you like, and you're going to charge crypto for that job.

He was right, steem has definitely done a lot for me, and not only for me, but also for my family and even for my closest neighbors, because I say so.

I met steemit at its peak in 2017 when I received my first publication and managed to exchange the SBD for the local currency of my country I could not believe it, I am a professor at a university in Venezuela and that change represents more than 15 days of salary. The first thing I did was buy food for my home and help some neighbors who were in great need of food.

Within steem I have met many very fantastic people the main one who gave me great support is my good friend Jaro - @gamer00 and another good friend who has given me a lot of support since the beginning is @markkujantunen, another person who has also supported me Professor Todd Borho @steeminganarchy, great writer and has allowed me to do several translations to his books.

But my greatest growth within steem I must recognize it is thanks to great and valuable advice from a great man who is always helping many, in growing within this platform in a very selfless way is a good super friend and mentor @crypto.piotr, valuable advice is always well received and I must thank you also for your valuable support, I do not know him personally but he is always in our prayers for him to be well wherever he may be next to his wife and small puppy.

By fate I knew the @steemvoter account this account taught me to program my automatic vows to my closest friends already mentioned, thanks to this account I was able to meet another great man who is CEO and also Witness within steem Ricardo Ferreira - @TheCryptoDrive I was able to talk to him in discord and gave me an opportunity to be part of the team BUILDTEAM as an official Spanish translator.

I have met great people and great human beings in steemit I am a very happy man for this I have not become rich but what I do I do with much passion and thanks to that I have managed to reap good fruits on everything and very important I have managed to eat and feed my family and several neighbors, I am a promoter of steemit everywhere especially in the university where I am a professor.

i've earned rewards but not much not as much as i did in december 2017 wow that was great from the wreckage my publications didn't exceed $1 but i always kept there doing what i like. But once I read inside the platform that every penny is profit so what I was doing was saving and when I needed money I would change some SBD or STEEM to buy food which is the most important thing and thanks to my work as a translator, thanks to the advice that @crypto.piotr I even managed to fix my car.

The most recent thing I bought was some bands and a cylinder of the brakes of my car, another thing that also thanks to my job I managed to buy corrective lenses for my two daughters, that was thanks to @steeminganarchy he helped me at that very difficult time for me as a father not having money to pay for those lenses.

Thanks to Steem and thanks to all my friends I've managed to build a great profile, it still needs to continue growing, but I think I'm going the right way roma was not built in a day, with the constancy is that I can go further in steem

Has allowed me to help build projects like the Toptres, my daily healing project, my project of the best of the week as well as my favorite song that I have realized that many already do and a daily photo that this project was started by my friend @gamer00. However the most important thing I have managed to do is: To have good friends. As I said when you do what you like you can not call work and if you pay for it is more satisfying I've managed to earn more money than as a professor at the university, there are people who tell me to leave the university and just dedicate myself to steem, I'm very sincere I do not want to leave the university I feel that there too am very profitable for the nation despite the situation in which it is submerged but we must add and not subtract if my country will be free of the criminal dictatorship that governs today and when it falls we must raise Venezuela.

I am going to mention three good friends that I met thanks to Piort:
@jadams2k18 - - @fucho80 - - @juanmolina

First I want to thank @theycallmedan for the great initiative, is a way to promote the gratitude of what we can get inside and outside steemit, I invite you to visit their publication.

The Gratitude Challenge! conducted by @theycallmedan

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Project Hope Venezuela is an initiative created to grow.

You See more about it at:

@coach.piotr -PROJECT #HOPE - day one

@jadams2k18 - - @fucho80 - - @juanmolina - - @lanzjoseg


Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In your constant evolution".

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Hello professor @lanzjoseg.

Very inspiring, beautiful what you write and I think you pick up a bit of each one of us, steemit is a great school, a good place to spend time, to meet people and build relationships, there are many selfless people trying to help, like these friends commons that you mention

Bendicones friend and continue to grow.

@lanzjoseg, Good feedback on what steem community could do to alleviate the sufferings of others. Happy for you. Blessings.

Thanks for mentioning eSteem app. Kindly join our Discord or Telegram channel for more benefits and offers on eSteem, don't miss our amazing updates.
Follow @esteemapp as well!

Greetings @lanzjoseg

Much gratitude in this publication. To achieve goals and goals, it is important to build and maintain good friendships. These help to make the path more pleasant

Many interesting people to follow, I know some, not others, with time I will know your work on the platform. Thanks for sharing the links of inspiring people.

Let's keep doing Steemit

Thanks Jose. I'm very happy to see this.

You really came at the right time. I joined too late, found it too difficult and left.
Ad I came back the nasty fork was there and it was even worse.

Now I wonder who will stay/leave after the next fork.

💕 and luck for you and your family

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