Night nisfu sya'ban

3년 전

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Later that night Nifsu Sha'ban, record book of charity deposited my family apologize inner,


  • Sorry * if ever hurt,
  • Sorry * if ever insulted,
  • Sorry * if ever rough,
  • Sorry * if ever lie,
  • Sorry * if ever offensive,
  • Sorry * if ever cursed,

Whether intentional or unintentional
Both open and hidden.

  • Verily the bad comes from this self and the good always comes from Allah SWT .. 😊🙏
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Acctualy i very waiting for night nifsu sya'ban, cause many prayer we can do it for this night. The great Sya'ban mounth of prophet Muhammad. From me @azroel chesee..

very nice post