Greece hails 'historic' debt relief deal

4년 전

The deal gives Athens more time to repay €96.9bn (£85bn) worth of loans and extends a grace period during which Greece will pay little or no interest.

Informative article, although unsurprising as Greece is always getting more debt relief or another loan. Like the old saying goes, who's more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? I guess you can't blame Greece, if the EU is stupid enough to keep giving them more loans, why not take it, lol? I love the quote about Greece finally turning the page, lol.

Read the full story here...

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@onthehook The Greece article are awesome I like them already but the debt articles of Greece will bring much time test in it . Like a sweet dish.

Look forward to reading the next Greece debt article in a few months, lol.

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