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Renewable energy is the future of the planet if we are to survive as a species.

Every day we pollute Mother Nature and leave behind our plague and disease.

If we are to clean our acts we have to bring forth new and sustainable forms of energy such as solar and those from wind which are naturally occurring and infinitely abundant!

Time to think green and love our selves and our planet!


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Actually wind and solar has a lot of problems of its own. Solar for instance produces a lot of e-waste (if you use the photovoltaic panels) while windmills block bird migration routes, produce sound pollution, and reduce the skylines aesthetic. So, in my opinion, renewable energy is good, but its not that good YET, thats why we should focus more on reducing energy consumption and slowly building up the renewables compared to blindingly building renewable powerplants.

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Nice article.

I learnt a lot and enjoyed it so much, i had to follow your profile :D