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Surface clean extra rooms.

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Surface cleaning extra rooms is some job when you have 7 rooms too choose from. But the real extra rooms are less of course. Due to real heavy physical and psychological pressure and the missing/adapting to my medical treatment I failed everything. This will change I will change for the better knowing I don't need anyone and there won't be anyone to help me.

This adapting will strain my psychological abilities but it will grow to assention knowing I'm already higher on that plain then others. How do I reserve my decision making while I'm 10 hours a day away from home. I need 7 hours sleep so I have only 7 hours to myself. To build myself, reprogram my subconscious routines so I have a better life in a year.

Back to the household.

A clean house is a good house. It begins with one really simple rule ….

finish your current routine

It means finish what you started between the 'begin' and 'end' all programs are doing this because otherwise everything runs through each other with ends in a mess. That's why timeboxing is relevant.


You make food you eat it and you clean-up afterwards.

You drink beer take the empty can with you and throw it away when you take a new one.

To save time and money you can make food for several days if you make food for one or more persons it is the same energy you use.

Before eating you only have to use the microwave and it is ready. When you put the frozen meal in the fridge the fridge will use less energy.

Back to the task of today clean extra rooms.

I cleaned several rooms, put the clothes that were on the ground in the washing machine.
I also created a landing area for incoming materials into the house.
There is also a pile of materials I collected I had that sorted because it is weekend. This is a step up to a higher plan that will be explained at a later stage.

so many plans, so many dreams… so many possibilities

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