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Apartment therapy.

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Well my first update on this new project.
I'm sick my energy levels are way below normal.
People said to me hans just put on straight colours you are so energetic.
The continuous pain and the unanswered solutions is sucking me dry. I need to work to get my bills paid so I can't be home too long. The continues massages needed is upping my bills. Yes I'm allone I have good and bad months so I enjoy company in the good months as if it was the last time I was with that person. Of course it can be very overwhelming for that person but I'm like that now.

Due to that I'm in need of some duty enlightment help. I do so much on the blockchain well a few posts a day streams a day I have not that much time and energy after work and all that so my thought was devide it into small daily jobs. Well... project failed or has to be adjusted to better smaller jobs.

Ha you say well it's a piece of cake oh if I see you walk I don't see anything well it comes after I'm allone. Keeping strong has a cost. If you see me getting over my limits then you see another me.

Well what am I gonna do about this? Take more medicine and do a bit less during the day so I can do more during the evening. You will get a new update soon.

It's not like ohh it goes wel perfect it's an honest post. I know it's not that kinda good for the image but it is like that.

I promise the next post will be better with some adjustments. This familyweekend costed me also but with everything There is a price to pay.

Alldutch discord for fun and support



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Okay, @puncakbukit has resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Thanks to vote us as your witness.

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Leuk te zien dat mijn all dutch banner nog steeds in gebruik is...


Haha ja op @hans001 ook he. Overal waar ik post meestal ik blijf een Nederlander maar ik wordt meer en meer een steemian.

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