Aquaponics 2019-17



Aquaponics free food put in a closed system. In combination of sunpanels. News update 17.

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An update yeah! You think... well due to my streaming weekend away etcetc I didn't have much attention for the system I walked into the room and here you are the fish still live the plants are growing good.


And look at thus little fellow he does his best so great I admire him so much look at him fighting to bear his fruits for me because he knows he really knows that I will replant his offspring. I will be more for them they are here so little time. This little fellow was the only one who sprouted out of 10 seeds. The others didn't. I don't know why, I will repeat this step if it happens there is something wrong with this sprouting step.

Alldutch discord for fun and support


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