Why didn't we hear about this new clone?

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Like steemmonsters palnet etc. A new Korean site popped up with a 3 day pay out cycle and like 1000cst
Pay out. After I got a tip of @wakeupkitty I went on to check this on my Sunday morning the website first didn't load after a Google search I found the post of @livinguktaiwan

No one big didn't posted on this, am I faster then @exyle for once? Tjongejonge
You can mine this coin too the miner costs like 1 dollar.


@vip has a huge payout on this post about the steemcoinpan token.


@isaaclab a huge payout pre steem like 2017 with his post about miningpools.


@roostermine has a huge payout with his post.

This new hype is getting a lot of attention somewhere. Its worth more then steem right now with investers.

3 day payout... very high... payouts... miners very cheap miners and they got lots of payout where does those payouts come from? I will investigate further...

But this is something that palnet could be also. This Korean site drilled a digital crypto well and it is raining crypto here. Come let's eat from that steemcoinpan.

This sounds too good to be true or just a glimpse of worldwide acceleration of steem

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I'm a partiko mentor so if you have any questions I'll try to answer them

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Right, resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to approve @puncakbukit as witness.

Great you wrote a post about it. It was a coincedence I by bumped into it. Didn't explore it much further yet but use the tag #sct for every post know.

P.s. You are aware that if you edit a post with help.of partiko you fill out extra tags?

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