Witnessvoting politics

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After attending some meetings and reading through posts placing reactions my opinion on the whole situation.

The weak point of the witnesses being able to vote in puppet witnesses with the help of exchanges. It's time to change that...

But foremost being able to sell the start-up cash of steemit inc. is one other questionable action.

In my opinion exchanges who already powering down meddling in blockchains with customers funds is one big big biiig thing I get my neckhairs straight whatever the excuse... it's why you never ever trust any other person with your cash... allways use a coldwallet and this is the reason why.

Steem forking

Will it be good? Well I still didn't get my ?euro worth of Bitcoin gold yet and I won't get it I think.. promises promises promises...

But if parties don't mix just fork off. My question about that fork is... will the amount of steem worth you have just doubled?

Voting on your witnesses.

If you have voted already look at the ones you voted.. you have 30 votes 10 witnesses are back in the top 20 a few others are almost in that top 20. Vote for them if you didn't already do that. Why? Well 1 reason is sockpuppets managed by 1 person / one server makes the system weak. That's only one reason not even looking at the politics involving the steem blockchain.

The voting system not working...

Will it be better.. 1 account 1 vote. It could be more votes with your power devided over the votes. It would be one big powerturn in the old top 20.

My vision on this whole situation...

Well my opinion on this whole situation is. It must have gone out of hand sooner or later. Better now that the price is low then in the old time high..

people got steeming hot, got involved again, others let see their true colours.

We are sharp and we see the witnesses do their work now more in public instead of in the shadows. Lets see how they handle the situation and doing our job letting everybody see how powerful steem and their blogusers are.

The power of the pen is mightier then the sword.

With great power comes greater responsibility.

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