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First of all: Good Day To All You Awesome Supporters! And thank you for listening to our shows on Canna-Curate!

The Menu on GHRO

2fer 2sDay

"An awesome mix of music interlaced with great conversation about cannabis, news and more..." hosted by @queenofsmoke 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC / Monday 3am JST)



Happy Hemp Day Mid-Week Reminder To Chill, say happy hemp day cause “hump” is miss-appropriation of camel culture!

The Weekly Roll Up

"Sit back, grind up some herb for this news show" hosted by @mraggaj at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT / (Friday 1am UTC / 10am JST)

and just after that...

The Jon & Blunt Show

hosted by @jonyoudyer and @bluntsmasha at 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT / (Friday 2am UTC / 11am JST)


Community Forum

After many weeks of trying to achieve the mission with our Witness Forum, we have decided to refocus on the roots of community. Since most of us are more focused on this are already, and due to lack of response from any witnesses in the 'top' hierarchy , we are going back to the basics. PEOPLE.
We offer an invitation to any community and it's members to join us to discuss the state of affairs for our communities. We shall work together and enrich others once again. #ComeGROWwithGHRO

Roach Sunday

"Another awesome mix of music interlaced with great conversation about cannabis, news and more..." hosted by @queenofsmoke 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC / (Monday 3am JST)

Hangin' with WHO

@movement19 aka JP Steinberg returns to GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE with his unique blend of topics and guests at 7PM EST.

Earfood Radio Eclectic

Groove with THE DUDE and his often time cosmic mix of music that guides us as we rotate around the sun. hosted by @mondoshawan sometimes 25/7 universal times.

Coming Soon


Is working on a format for a show and hopes to begin with us soon. Check out the channel.

Thanks for being awesome! Thanks for your support! And thanks for listening to the Green House Radio Online!

Stay tuned 😎 and have an excellent time! CU around over at Canna-Curate!

A special "Thank You" to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for helping spread our effort to so many. It has been very encouraging to see all the positive reply.

Respect & Grooviness

Your GHRO Team

@fracasgrimm & @mondoshawan
#ComeGrowWithGHRO #SteemOn

Inbetween the Shows have Some Earfood


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