Gridcoin Mandatory Update Released - CBR!

2년 전

Well folks the day has finally come. Gridcoin's newest mandatory,, CBR is here.

Betsy is ready for showtime! is a mandatory update for all users. This means you must update your wallet before the hard fork date or you will be left behind. The hard fork is set at block 1,420,000. This is approximately 20 days from now. We expect the hard fork to occur on either November 7th or 8th. Please update before then!

The biggest change in 4.0 is, of course our new block version, v10. This brings CBR (constant block rewards) to Gridcoin. Instead of earning 1.5% APR from Proof of Stake, every block will instead be worth a static 10 GRC. This change follows network consensus through three seperate polls with the aim to increase network difficulty, and by extension, increase the strength and security of the Gridcoin blockchain.

If you wish to see resources about how to optimize your staking for CBR, please see this excellent post by core developer @jamescowens.

Download the update from GitHub here.

Linux PPAs are now updated!

The Windows MSI can be downloaded here. Checksum.

Full changelog for the 4.0 release:


Linux nodes can now stake superblocks using forwarded contracts,
#1060 (@tomasbrod).


Replace interest with constant block reward #1160 (@tomasbrod).
Fork is set to trigger at block 1420000.
Raise coinstake output count limit to 8 #1261 (@tomasbrod).
Port of Bitcoin hash implementation #1208 (@jamescowens).
Minor canges for the build documentation #1091 (@Lenni).
Allow sendmany to be used without an account specified #1158 (@Foggyx420).


Fix cpids and validcpids not returning the correct data #1233
Fix listsinceblock not showing mined blocks to change addresses,
#501 (@Foggyx420).
Fix crash when raining using a locked wallet #1236 (@Foggyx420).
Fix invalid stake reward/fee calculation (@jamescowens).
Fix divide by zero bug in getblockstats RPC #1292 (@Foggyx420).
Bypass historical bad blocks on testnet #1252 (@Quezacoatl1).
Fix MacOS memorybarrier warnings #1193 (@ghost).


Remove neuralhash from the getpeerinfo and node stats #1123 (@Foggyx420).
Remove obsolete NN code #1121 (@Foggyx420).
Remove (lower) Mint Limiter #1212 (@tomasbrod).

Thank you to all our of dedicated developers for all the hard work and long nights that have gone into making this release a reality. Thank you also to all of the dedicated folks on testnet who have been so helpful in finding and helping solve critical issues before we released this massive overhaul. We couldn't have done this without your help.

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· seems to be unavailable (tried multiple times yesterday and today) - can't get to the windows msi download


Please try again. We have changed some things on the web server that were causing IP blocks.

Thanks everyone for the great work you've done =)

Finaly, the CBR is here! It will be very interesting to see what will be the impact on the GRC price stability. With CBR in place, the project should attract the attention of the investors, and this should have a huge impact on the value of the Gridcoin. Congrats to the development team for the fast roll-out!

This post received a courtesy vote from @gridcoin-booster! Thank you for your contribution to the #gridcoin community!

Thank You devs for all your hard work! Also rip my current estimated stake time of 20 days ;(

I'm up to date and ready for v10 blocks.

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its such a shame that this project is one of the long lasting and better applications of decenteralized economy but the ellite team seems to be very non-challante and show no regard for the less knowlagable supporters of the project its been 9 weeks now I have been trying on every handle to resolve problems with my wallent and recover my lost GRC but I'm yet to get any kind of response so as of today I am fed up and withdrawing my support for you ppl...I wish you well


The whole point of crypto is that no one can 'recover' your funds. If one could recover them for you, one can also steal them from you. Only you can recover them, if you have backup copies of your wallet.


I understand that part but my problem with this community is its lack of empathy...not everyone is tech savy personally I couldnt go further than clicking download and install, I do not understand how, why or what to configure to get the wallet working and that is why I have sort for help from the members of the grc community and over six weeks of commenting on twitter tellegram steem and discord, not even a pip even now u are not concerned about my challenge and are here telling me its how crypto that more or less confirms my point this project is almost 7 years old and the fact that it still unable to attract meaniful support and investment echoes the shortcomings of its management team


It looks like you just started asking on Discord this morning, which is a good place to ask for help, and someone has responded. Maybe give people a chance and have a discussion where you actually communicate what process you've gone through before you give into frustration and trash talk the whole system.


appologies I'd because It would be a shame to hoave wasted all theat computing power I have been on the mining pools for months lol but hopefully it gets sorted

very intiristing

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