Bitcoin energy consumption (waste ?) overpass Switzerland's

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Bitcoin power consumption over passed Switzerland's

Based on this article from BBC, the annual power consumption of Bitcoin is now estimated at 58.93 TWh, which is over the annual power consumed by the Switzerland.

Now imagine all this power used more efficiently like contributing to GridCoin, it would represent :

  • 668 Summit super-computers, which is the biggest supercomputer with 2,414,592 cores and a performance of 148,600 TFlops each. Based on the TOP500 list of June 2019

Or maybe something more representative

  • 33 635 845 Computers equipped with a Ryzen 7 1700 (Used 200W as basis for calculation)

Even World Community Grid would run out of Workunits fairly quick with this amount of computation power. :)

PS: I am not against Bitcoin, it made a big step in technological breakthrough. But power demand will have to slow down someday with all the current climate concerns (at least here in Europe), and it would be much more efficient to use it to find Pulsars or new proteins !

Edit: Corrected n° of computers, Thanks @hotbit


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Should this be ~ 33 million (nonGPU) PCs?


You're right ! I forgot a 0 somwhere :)

Thank you for your cross-check !!