Gridcoin - State of the Network - 20 August 2019

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Report #40 - August 20th, 2019

Welcome to another Gridcoin State of the Network! The SotN is normally published on the 3rd Monday of every month. For more information on the happenings within the Gridcoin network be sure to check out the other reports put together by the community!

@crypto-swiss’s monthly reports
@parejan’s weekly project updates


Elizabeth and Fern Milestones Update

Things are moving right along with development. In fact, the scope of the Elizabeth milestone was getting so large that the developers have decided to break it into two updates.

The Elizabeth update will contain non-mandatory updates and enable a BOINC team whitelist in preparation for the complete team requirement removal with the Fern milestone release.

The team whitelist is a list of BOINC teams whose participants can earn GRC for their crunching. Using this whitelist before completely removing the requirement allows the developers to test the scaling properties of the mechanisms that enable the complete removal of the team requirement, such as the Gridcoin oracles.

There are already a couple BOINC teams that have been testing the functionality of the team requirement removal with the developers. This testing has taken place in the #testnet channel on Slack.

Once the Elizabeth milestone is released (which should be fairly soon) we will look for more BOINC teams to add to the team whitelist. We are hoping to add a few teams at a time over several weeks so the developers can observe how the protocol reacts to the new mechanisms.

If you are on a BOINC team that might be interested in being part of this initial roll-out of the team requirement removal, please reach out in the comments below, on discord or slack, or by emailing either/both:

The Fern update is expected to contain, among other things, the final updates required to completely remove the team requirement.

As it currently stands, Fern will be a mandatory update.


New Gridcoin White Paper Approved

The poll seeking approval for an updated white paper has passed in the affirmative. The final results are:

Total Votes: 144

OptionVotesShare Percentage
AVW Validation49.12%
Validation StatusVALIDATED


Work has begun on designing and polishing the paper. This includes things like cover pages and borders, implementation of a few changes, and the possible addition of a terminology page.

2019 BOINC Workshop Reimbursement Poll Ends Today

The poll seeking to reimburse the presenters of the 2019 BOINC workshop will complete today. It looks as though the poll will be validated and the option to reimburse the presenters with 200 USD from the Gridcoin foundation will be the winner.

The results as of the writing of this report are:

Total Votes: 153

OptionVotesShare Percentage
Yes, 200 Usd In Grc Equivalent Per Presentation11695.45%
Yes, 100 Usd In Grc Equivalent Per Presentation222.57%
AVW Validation50.21%
Validation StatusVALIDATED


Gridcoin.World Website Proposal

A poll seeking approval of a proposal to design and fund an overhaul of the website is running until September 5th.

The domain of the new site will be

The proposed redesign and content focus on accessibility, adoption, and outreach. The target audience of the proposed overhaul are individuals, businesses, BOINC project admins, researchers, and developers. The proposed design will utilize infographics and cards where possible while the content will focus on simplicity and accessibility. As a whole, the proposed site will seek to implement progressive disclosure principles to guide the user through a learning process and to increase the likelihood of participation and retention.

The site will be designed by MadMaxPayne. MadMaxPayne also designed the GUI assets and is designing the new white paper.

The site will be professionally coded by a team led by MadMaxPayne.

The site content will be developed by a team led by @jringo. The team includes roboticmind and whoisterrencelee.

The site will be managed by:


The proposal seeks 2500 USD for development of the site. If approved, 1250 USD will be raised by the community and 1250 USD will be matched by the Gridcoin foundation.

The site also implements a new tool called a verified side-staking address. This address will be initially funded with 100k GRC by @jringo. The tool seeks to explore incubation and funding of initiatives, projects, and research in the Gridcoin ecosystem.

Full details on the proposal and an explanation and described benefits of verified side-staking addresses can be found in the full proposal.

Vote until September 5th!

GridcoinMemes Twitter

@jringo has launched a GridcoinMemes twitter!

He is buying memes for 10 GRC a piece on the Gridcoin discord server. Go sell some memes!

Gridcoin Highlights

@jamescowens and @jringo have produced a Gridcoin Highlights slideshow. It details many unique features of the Gridcoin protocol and ecosystem.

It answers the following questions:

  • What makes Gridcoin unique?
  • What has Gridcoin done over the years?
  • Does Gridcoin have plans for the future?
  • Do other people care about Gridcoin?
  • Why should I care?
  • How do I learn more?

You are encouraged to use the slides to introduce people to Gridcoin!

The full presentation can be viewed at

Txbit poll to list GRC

Txbit has resumed its community polls for coin listing and GRC is in the first one!

If we win the poll we get listed for free on

To vote you must make an account with txbit and enable 2fa. Once that is done you can vote once every 24 hours.

GRC is currently demolishing the competition with 245 votes. The 2nd place coin has 7 votes.

Don’t stop now, though! Let’s show how active we are by driving our numbers as high as we can go before the poll ends.

Can we break 300 votes?

The poll ends on August 27th, and don’t forget that you can vote once every 24 hours!


LHC@home Greylisted, then Rewhitelisted

LHC@home had some issues exporting stats. As a result, the number of zero credit days (ZCD) for the project rose to over 7. This meant that the project had to be greylisted (as defined in the greylist protocol).

LHC@home has since fixed the issues and the project's ZCD score decreased to 7 or below. When this happened, the project was moved back to the whitelist from the greylist.

You can crunch LHC@home for GRC once again!

You can view the ZCD score of all projects, along with other information on the whitelist and greylist protocols here.

Top Threads

Below are the top discussions threads from the last month.

Is it worth it to run BOINC for GRC in my situation?

Thoughts on Bittrex Delisting

Live Community Discussions

The Gridcoin Fireside

There are four new Gridcoin Fireside episodes titled:

The Gridcoin Fireside #14 - Manual Reward Claims; Project Brief: LHC@Home
The Gridcoin Fireside #15 - Team Requirement Removal
The Gridcoin Fireside #16 - Wealth Distribution in Cryptocurrencies; Project brief: yoyo@home
The Gridcoin Fireside #17 - Building a Treasury

You can listen to them all on podbean, spotify, Apple Podcasts, or LBRY.

spotify-podcast-badge-blk-grn-330x80.png Badge.png

The Gridcoin Hangouts

The Gridcoin Hangout has hosted hangouts #113, #114, and #115.

You can listen to them all on fkinglag's youtube channel.


The stats update is divided into 2 sections: Blockchain Statistics and BOINC Statistics.

Every month we bring you the most up to date statistics regarding the operation of the Gridcoin blockchain and Gridcoin BOINC projects. The information is gathered from Sunday to Saturday on a fortnightly basis and compiled from the getblockstats RPC command in the Gridcoin wallet, BOINCStats, GRCPool, Gridcoin Stats, and from individual project websites.


Blockchain statistics from 1/July to 31/July

The table below contains the blockchain statistics and covers blocks 1,644,058 to 1,671,671.

Blockchain charts

The charts below contain the longer term blockchain trends.


Team and pool statistics from 1/July to 31/July

The table below contains BOINC team and pool statistics for the month of July.

Team and pool charts

The team and pool charts contain the longer term team and pool trends.

This concludes the 40st Gridcoin State of the Network Report. We’ll see you in a month. Happy crunching!

Donate or side-stake to these reports with GRC: S2wn8dq1S39fJyh5Voo7xKwLzFaKyJhRkb

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