Should Sourcefinder Be Delisted?

2년 전

It seems terribly unfair and irresponsible at this point. Tens of thousands of GRC minted for almost no work. If we aren’t accountable for our blockchain, then who will be?   

Edit: I should point at that, as @parejan mentioned here:

That in this thread the issues were being addressed:

However, after reading the replies on that thread, I don't think the rationale for keeping this project whitelisted holds up. Maybe in the future when we can run trials and know for certain that it works, but for now, I don't think it should be whitelisted. 

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Should Sourcefinder Be Delisted?

All things considered, yes.


If you take a look at the number of work units output by Sourcefinder here:,
you'll see that they have been very few and far between. This means that tens of thousands of GRC have been minted for almost no work. Each user achieved some magnitude based on a small number of work units, and since there was no more work to be done, everyone's magnitude remained about the same, despite the fact that no work units were being crunched.

Several other users have mentioned this on Steemit in the past, but as far as I can see, there is no concerted effort to stop this. The most recent example of this is actually in the thread right below this one, by @applepiie:

One by @parejan (in this one, he specifically mentions delisting):

And another one by @parejan, pointing this problem out practically from the beginning:

Although it is mentioned more than just those times.

The health and fairness of the Gridcoin payment system should not be decided by an opinion poll.
If a project's inclusion in the white list is compromising the integrity of the Gridcoin payment system then it should be removed as quickly as possible.
I support Source Finder but at this stage the project is still quite experimental and is lacking a supply of fresh data to process with the main application (duchamp), that scenario just isn't going to work well for Gridcoin right now.
If Parejan's grey list proposal passes I would like to see Source Finder re-introduced on the grey list with it's white list status decided in accordance with the new policy.