Wallet Upgrade Reverts to Original Upon Restart

2년 전

Hi Gridcoin community:

A few days ago, I upgraded my wallet to the leisure version for MacOS. I recently restarted my computer and upon opening my wallet I found that it automatically reverted to the 3.6 version (with the old logo and everything). I installed again, then restarted my computer, and experienced the same problem. How do I prevent this from happening? Also, are there other conflicting files I may have to worry about? 

Thanks in advance for any help, and to all of the developers that make this possible. 

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Honestly I've never heard that this can happen. Have you tried installing the newest version v3.7.3.0?


Tried it, still encounter the same problem.

I think I would honestly (1) Backup my wallet and conf again. (2) Uninstall, reboot, and reinstall the new wallet.


That was the plan in case all else failed - I'll do that over the weekend and post an update.

As tcblack recommended above, backing up the wallet and conf files, deleting the old wallet, and installing the new wallet worked.

Note: I already upgraded to the new version of the wallet while I had the old version installed, so the wallet and conf files might have been automatically transferred during that process. I actually backed up those files to an external device, not to my computer itself, so I'm not sure what relevance that has.

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